Bring classic toolbar back to Office 2010, 2007

Learn how to bring classic toolbar to Office 2013, 2010., 2007

Love it or hate it, the Ribbon is an intrinsic feature of Microsoft Office 2007 - 2016. It gave way to numerous mind maps, how-tos, educational videos that should make moving from older Office toolbars and classic menus faster and less noticeable. If you use Microsoft Office 2007/2010 and you are still not used to the new interface, or the Ribbon is the only reason that stops you from upgrading, here are several suggestions how to integrate the old and the new and get familiar command bars in Office 2007-2010.

Software which is free - Search Commands add-in

Use Search Commands add-in to find teh neccessary button on the Ribbon

Very often you feel that there is a button for your task, but you don't know or can't remember where it is located. If this feeling is familiar to you one of the possibilities is to download and install the free Search Commands add-in from Microsoft Office Labs.

This software helps quickly find the commands you need in Office 2007 and 2010 Word, Excel and PowerPoint by searching with your own words and clicking on the command you need.

Classic Menu for Office 2010, 2007

Classic Menu add-in for Office 2010-2007

You can also use add-ons from Addintools that bring familiar classic menus and toolbars to the Ribbon of Office 2007-2010 versions. It saves you plenty of time on training after upgrading and allows to work with Microsoft Office 2010 as if it were Office 2003, XP and 2000.


ToolbarToggle add-in: get 2003 toolbar in Office 2007-2010

There is one more utility, ToolbarToggle, that makes your Office 2010 or 2007 look like the version of 2003 and earlier.

ToolbarToggle Pro can float or dock the toolbar. It fully supports customizing the menus, toolbars, buttons including drag-and-dropping Macros and Autotext to create new toolbars and menus.

UBitMenu: Classic menu and toolbars in Office 2007 / 2010

UBitMenu is one more idea to make you more productive in Office 2007. It places the old menu as the second tab of the ribbon in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Customizing the Office 2007 user interface

You can also read about customizing the Office 2007 user interface in this article. Learn how to wrap Office in your own custom ribbon with the Ribbon Customizer add-in or bring back familiar toolbars with ToolbarToggle.

Hope this information will be useful for everybody who needs and wants to upgrade to 2007/2010 versions of Microsoft Office, but don't see the ribbon as the best of their new features.

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