How to start using Shared Email Templates for Outlook

If you were invited to a team

This manual is for users who have received an invitation from their admin or colleague to join a team in Shared Email Templates for Outlook.

If you do not have the add-in installed, please first follow these instructions: How to install Shared Email Templates

Step 1: Accept the invitation

As soon as your colleague invites you to a team, you'll get a Shared Email Templates invitation email. Open it and click the Join the team button:
The invitation to a team.

Upon the click, a new tab will be opened in your default browser. You do not have to log in to the Shared Email Templates web app, so you can close the tab. We recommend that you go to Shared Email Templates in your Microsoft Outlook client (or first install it if you haven't done it yet).

The next step is to create a Shared Email Templates account, but If you already have one, jump right to Step 3.

Step 2: Сreate an account in Shared Email templates

Start Shared Email Templates

To run Shared Email Templates, open your Outlook, go to Home → New Email, find the Ablebits group, and click the Shared Email Templates icon:
Click Shared Email Templates.

Tip. If you prefer using the Outlook online version, click the New message button in the top left corner of the window, then hit the three dots and find Shared Email Templates in the context menu:
Click the three dots and start Shared Email Templates.

Create your account

In the opened Shared Email Templates window, click Create an account:
Create account.

Enter your first and last name, email, create login, password, and click Register. That's it. Now you can meet the tool and learn its capabilities.

Step 3: Activate your license key

Besides the invitation to a team, you may get an email from your admin that contains your license key and the Team Password in case the team is encrypted:
Your license key and the Team Password.

Copy the license key from this email and activate it by taking the steps described below.

  1. Click the three dots in the bottom right corner and select Profile:
    Open Profile.
  2. Click the Enter License Key button:
    Click Enter License Key.
  3. Paste your license key into the corresponding field and click Activate:
    Paste License Key.
    You'll see the Successful activation dialog window:
    Successful Activation.

Step 4: Join an encrypted team

  1. The same email from your admin should contain the Team Password you are invited to, so, copy it to clipboard.
  2. To get access to an encrypted team, stand on it and find the Team Password field on the grey background. Paste the received key into this field and click Get Access:
    Enter the Team Password.
  3. Now you are a team member and can use the templates in the team.