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How to start using Shared Email Templates for Outlook

Note. Personal accounts this page relates to are deprecated. For up-to-date information, follow this link: How to join an encrypted team.

If you've received an invitation from your colleague to join a team in Shared Email Templates for Outlook, follow the steps below.

Note. If there is no Shared Email Templates in your Outlook yet, install the add-in first.

Step 1. Accept the invitation

As soon as your colleague invites you to a team, you'll get a Shared Email Templates invitation email. Open it and click the Join the team button:
The invitation to a team.

Upon the click, a new tab will be opened in your default browser. You don't have to log in to the Shared Email Templates web app, so you can close the tab. We recommend that you go to Shared Email Templates in your Microsoft Outlook client (or first install the add-in if you haven't done it yet).

The next step is to create a Shared Email Templates account. If you have already created it, jump right to Step 3.

Step 2. Create an account in Shared Email Templates

For detailed information on how to create a personal Shared Email Templates account, visit this help page.

Step 3. Activate your subscription key

Besides the invitation to a team, you might get an email that contains your subscription key and the Team Password (if the team is encrypted):
Here is the new team member welcome email.

Copy the subscription key from this email, sign in to your Shared Email Templates account, and activate the key.

Step 4. Join an encrypted team

To get access to an encrypted team, stand on it and find the Team Password field. Paste the Team Password, which you received from your colleague, into this field and click the Get Access button:
Enter the Team Password.
Now you're part of the team and can use the team templates.

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