Ultimate Suite for Excel 2021.3

Release notes

In Ultimate Suite for Excel 2021.3, we developed the new Substring toolkit for working with multiple values at once, enhanced the Sum and Count by Color tool with 16 custom Excel functions, and added the option to process text between two values to the Extract and Remove tools.

Also, now you can get XLOOKUP formulas with Vlookup Formula Wizard, paste data from copied sheets to a new workbook or worksheet, sort the merged with the Merge Duplicates Wizard data, and remove line breaks with Trim Spaces.

You can find the full list of our releases here: Ultimate Suite for Excel release notes

NEW: Substring Tools

In the Text group, you will find the new Substring Tools button under which five options for working with multiple values are collected:

Extract substrings in Excel.

The new toolkit lets you perform the following actions with as many text strings as you wish:

IMPROVED: Formulas for Sum and Count by color

You asked for this so many times, and we've done it! Finally, you can paste the result of the Sum and Count by Color add-in as a formula and it will be recalculated each time the data in the selection changes. The formulas will be created with our custom Ablebits functions for Excel. Here is the full list of Ablebits functions.

IMPROVED: Extract text between two values

With the Extract text tool, you can get extracted all characters between the indicated values with or without these values.

IMPROVED: Remove text between two values

Now you can delete characters between two values with the Remove Characters option.

IMPROVED: Delete line breaks with Trim Spaces

The Trim Spaces utility now offers two more options: Remove extra line breaks and Remove all line breaks.

IMPROVED: Get XLookup formulas created

The Vlookup Formula Wizard now can build not only VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH formulas but XLOOKUP as well.

IMPROVED: Decide where to paste data from copied sheets

We've added the fourth step to the Copy Sheets add-in, so now you can select where to paste the copied data: to a new workbook or new worksheet.

IMPROVED: Sort merged values

With Merge Duplicates Wizard, you can now sort the merged values by selecting the corresponding option on the third step.

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