Video: remove the same characters and substrings from multiple Google Sheets cells

Today's video is all about getting rid of unwanted text from several Google Sheets cells at once. You'll see how our Remove Text add-on removes specific characters and various substrings from different positions in cells.

Video transcript: Remove Text add-on for Google Sheets

Remove Text is an add-on for Google Sheets that removes substrings from multiple cells in one go.
There are 3 main groups, each with its own set of data to delete:

  1. The first will remove all instances of any character or even a particular text string.
  2. The second one will remove white spaces, line breaks, and some other delimiters.
  3. The last one will remove characters from a certain position in cells; from the beginning or the end of cells; and before and after a specific text string.

Remove the first 2 characters.
Let's remove some characters directly in spreadsheets, shall we?

You will find the Remove tool in the Power Tools add-on > Text toolkit.

  1. The first group removes those substrings and characters that you enter into one of these corresponding fields.

    For example, I select the range, and remove hashtags (#) and At signs (@), and also get rid of some word endings to get their shortened versions for addresses.

  2. The second group deals with a few specific characters. For instance, here I will trim all excess spaces and remove all HTML tags.
  3. Lastly, I can remove characters by their position. In my case, all 3 options will do:
    • I can set the exact position and the number of symbols to remove.
    • Or simply remove the first 12 characters.
    • Or remove everything before the line break, which I'm going to do:
      Remove everything before a line break.

Install your Power Tools from the Google Sheets store to get Remove Text and over 30 other time-savers for spreadsheets.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly — we'll be happy to help!

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