How to delay email sending in Outlook (schedule emails)

In this article I'm going to tell you how scheduling Outlook emails can improve your time management skills. Besides learning to delay messages, you'll find links to some helpful 3rd party add-ins for scheduling reoccurring emails. The steps below are for Outlook 2016, they will also work for other versions of Office.

In today's competitive world good timing can win you a dream contract or a long-awaited promotion. You can save hours on most of the mailing tasks using Outlook. Scheduling emails or delaying them is one of those clever features to make you a real correspondence pro.

If you can send personal or business messages at an appropriate time, you have got what it takes. Suppose you need to deliver an offer to a grumpy customer. It may be better to do it after the lunch when the client is in the best mood free from thoughts about food. But, oh no, you need to leave the office for several hours and won't be able to send the email at the right time. Sending a delayed email in Outlook can be your career saving tool. I will guide you through the steps and show how to get this power mailing tool send your messages later.

Delay sending a particular email in Outlook

You may need to schedule just one message. It may be helpful if one of your customers appeared to be from a different time zone and you'd like your information to arrive at an appropriate hour. See below how send a delayed email in Outlook in several simple steps.

Note. In case you have a POP3 or IMAP account, please don't close Outlook until the letter is sent. To check your account type, go to File -> Account Settings -> click Account Settings. The details you are looking for are on the E-mail tab in the Type column.
  1. Start Outlook and create the very important email you need to send later.
  2. When the message you want to schedule is ready, go to the Options tab in the editing window and click on the Delay Delivery icon.
    Click on the Delay Delivery icon
  3. You will see the Properties dialog. Tick the checkbox next to the Do not deliver before option.
    Tick the checkbox next to the Do not deliver before option
  4. Click on the small down arrow next to the date field to get the calendar for picking the final day.
    Get the calendar for picking the final day
  5. Select the final hour from the time drop-down list.
    Select the final hour from the time drop-down list

Feel free to explore the other Outlook-delay-sending-email options on this window to see if they are helpful. You'll see your message waiting patiently in the Outbox folder.
See your message in the Outbox folder

Your recipient from a different time zone will be pleased to learn that you stayed late at work to send this email just by the time they get to the office.

Use Outlook to schedule all emails

There are days when actions outrun thoughts. You send an email to realize a minute later that your remarks were way too harsh. If such days occur more often than desired, making Outlook delay sending all emails maybe a good idea. The Defer delivery feature will let you reschedule all messages by up to 2 hours.

Note. If you use a POP3 or IMAP account, please make sure your Outlook is open until the letter leaves the Outbox.
  1. To schedule Outlook emails to send later, go to File -> Info and click on Manage Rules and Alerts.
    Click on the Manage Rules and Alerts button
  2. You will get the Rules and Alerts window pop up.
    See the Rules and Alerts window pop up
  3. Click on the New Rule button and select the Apply rule on messages I sent option from the Select a template list.
    Select the Apply rule on messages I sent option
  4. After selecting the option, click Next. Don't choose any features on the Select conditions step, just click Next again. You'll see a message saying that the rule will apply to all outgoing emails. Click Yes to proceed.
    You'll see a message saying that the rule will apply to all outgoing emails
  5. On the Select actions step, tick Defer delivery by a number of minutes.
    Tick Defer delivery by a number of minutes
  6. Go to the Edit the rule description section click on the number of link and choose by how many minutes you'd like to delay sending emails in Outlook. It is possible to postpone by up to 120 minutes.
    Delay sending a message by up to 120 minutes
  7. Click the Next button to name the rule.
    Name your rule
  8. Finally, press the Finish button to save the rule.

From now on you'll see all your outgoing mails seated in Outbox which means they are scheduled to be sent later. It's very convenient since you can open an email from there and change it, if necessary. You can also delete any letter to never reach the recipient.

Schedule recurring emails with helpful add-ins for Outlook

Though Outlook option to send emails later is quite good, it doesn't allow to schedule periodic messages. Let's have a look at 3 helpful tools for planning recurring letters like business reports, holiday and birthday e-letters. They are Email Scheduler component from MAPILab, ScheduledSend by and SendLater created by 4Team Corporation.

SendLater helps you schedule recurrence for any emails. You can organize your correspondence even remotely. Choose to send out the same messages daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. For SMTP accounts it will deliver messages even with Outlook closed. And... you get all these clever features for free.

Email Scheduler is a part of MapiLab Toolbox for Outlook. Besides scheduling recurring mails to certain date and time, you'll have such options as sending particular attachments periodically. It can be really helpful if you need to email reports to your boss or client every other Friday.

ScheduledSend does what its name suggests. In addition, you can preview the schedule in a separate calendar and send reminders to your mobile inbox. Oh, and it's also free.

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your main mailing instrument, you will appreciate its ability to schedule or delay emails. Hope you'll also find the links to handy automation tools helpful.

Email technology enables us to send correct emails at the correct time which boosts likelihood to succeed and get what you need. Since I begin to rhyme, it's time for me to say bye for now. And please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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  1. george says:

    You have not said what time zone is used when scheduling delaying just one message in another time zone.
    Is it the recipient's or the sender's?

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    Sendlater is also free for 14 days, then you have to uninstall or pay.

    It would be nice if you were less free with the word free.

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