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How to use Quick Reply


Quick Reply for Outlook is a part of our Outlook Add-ins Collection. The add-in allows you to reply to similar emails in a couple of clicks.

  1. To quickly answer an email, select it in your Inbox, click the Quick Reply under the AbleBits tab and pick one of the suggested text snippets:
    The Quick Reply for Outlook icon.
  2. To create and manage text snippets, click the add-in icon and pick the Create and manage option:
    The Quick Reply for Outlook icon.
  3. In the add-in pane, you can create new snippets, rename them, or delete:
    The Quick Reply pane.
  4. To check the email before sending, click the Settings icon...
    The Settings icon.
    ... and check the corresponding box:
    Open emails before sending.



I recently purchased your add-in and I am setting it up and testing it before using it universally in my process. I am hopeful it will save me valuable time

I have noticed that when I configure this add-in to NOT open the email I am quickly responding to before sending, correctly and swiftly adds the text snippet/quick reply in my email response and Outlook sends out the email.

However, if I wish to have the email' response 'open before sending, the snippet/quick reply appears buggy.

First, any quick reply I create does not immediately appear in my response after selecting and opening the Outlook 'reply' template/window associated to an original email I am trying to respond to.

The add-in or Outlook first opens an initial 'draft' version of the default Outlook reply template/window (ie. with RE: and the original sender's email in the 'To' field, with my default signature attached.) However, the area above the signature where a usual typed response would go is 'blank'. The quick reply does not auto populate!

If I leave this original reply template/window open/minimized, go back to the original email I wish to send a quick reply to, re-select the appropriate quick reply, it will auto open a second reply template window in Outlook, wherein the first reply template I started is then populated successfully with the quick reply text!

It seems like alot of steps for something that should be fast/easy and not require alot of effort on my part, esp if I want the reply window/template opened before the quick reply goes out...

Secondly, if I simply 'open' or double click an email I intend to respond to from my inbox (ie. to open in full screen), I notice that the Outlook ribbon in the 'expanded' email shows an 'Able-bits' add-in section, but ONLY the Senders Time Zone/Conversation Attachment add-ins are avail for selection! Why??
I can provide screen prints if that helps. Shouldn't the add-in ribbon be in every window configuration in Outlook when in the mail section (e.g;. folder view, email view, email reply, etc). How can I fix this or re-configure?

Lastly I should add that I have Outlook 2016 (desktop) set with the preview pane. My Outlook is configured with both IMAP mailboxes and a default Outlook/Microsoft '' mailboxes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello MJ Watson,

Thank you for the detailed description.

If we understand the problem correctly, you first click the standard Reply option in Outlook and then try to add a Quick Reply template into your response. If so, then we recommend enabling the "Open emails before sending" option in the Quick Reply settings to look though your answer before you send it. In this case you won't need to click on the standard Reply option in Outlook, you will just need to open the Quick Reply dropdown and choose the necessary template, then edit the text of your response if needed. If our understanding is not correct, please email us a few screenshots or a shot video illustrating the issue to

Also, please note that in the Outlook Pop-Out window, the Ablebits tab only displays the tools that are available to run in the selected mode.

FYI, we have the new Shared Email Templates add-in that has much more advanced functionality and allows you to create template shortcuts that may be an interesting feature for you:

If you'd like to try out the new add-in, please install it from Microsoft Office Store. You can use the Trial version for free during 60 days. Our online docs will help you quickly start using the add-in. The entry point is here:

Feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions or need further assistance.

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