How to use Quick Reply

For Microsoft Outlook

Quick Reply for Outlook is a part of our Outlook Add-ins Collection. The add-in allows you to reply to similar emails in a couple of clicks.

  1. To quickly answer an email, select it in your Inbox, click the Quick Reply under the AbleBits tab and pick one of the suggested text snippets:
    The Quick Reply for Outlook icon.
  2. To create and manage text snippets, click the add-in icon and pick the Create and manage option:
    The Quick Reply for Outlook icon.
  3. In the add-in pane, you can create new snippets, rename them, or delete:
    The Quick Reply pane.
  4. To check the email before sending, click the Settings icon...
    The Settings icon.
    ... and check the corresponding box:
    Open emails before sending.