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8 essential tools to boost your inbox productivity

We have rounded up our best add-ins for Microsoft Outlook in one collection to reveal the full power of your inbox and improve your emailing routine. Customize your Outlook with lots of great features like email templates, auto-filling CC or BCC line, checking emails before sending, and more.

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  • Check outgoing emails
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  • Conversation Attachments
  • Analyze Email Headers
  • Quick Reply
  • Sender's timezone
  • Important Mail Alert

Auto-populate CC and BCC lines in Outlook

Create simple rules to add CC or BCC addresses to your email

Sending copies of your emails to the same people can be really time-consuming and tiring because you have to enter their addresses to the CC or BCC line in Outlook again and again. Besides, there's always a risk to forget to copy your boss or colleagues on a really important email. In Add-ins Collection for Outlook you will find a solution that automatically fills CC and BCC fields so that you don't have to type each person's email address time after time. Simply create a rule in a few clicks and forget about adding CC or BCC emails. Also, you can always BCC yourself, or the entire distribution list.

If necessary, it's possible to protect Auto BCC rules by password from changing, or even hide its icon from the ribbon in Outlook, so that the employees cannot see or change the rules set by you.

  • Configure a BCC or CC rule in Outlook for all outgoing messages
  • Use key phrases for each condition to auto BCC your emails
  • Set a rule to always BCC yourself
  • Send blind carbon copies to a distribution list
  • Make a rule for filling in the CC and BCC fields based on the subject, or attachment
  • Easily edit, back up, and export your existing rules
  • Create separate rules for different Outlook profiles and accounts
  • Confirm adding CC/BCC before sending if necessary
  • Easily add rule exceptions
  • Enter multiple addresses into the CC and BCC fields
  • Send carbon copies and blind carbon copies of the same email at a time
  • Password protect the rules from changing or even hide the add-in from Outlook

Use ready-to-paste templates for Outlook emails

Spend less time on writing emails

If you are a support service assistant, sales manager, or just extensively use email in your daily work, Template Phrases for Outlook will save hours of your precious time on composing and proofreading the same messages. All it takes is to create a collection of templates and adjust such details as text formatting, hyperlinks, images, attachments, and signatures. Then you just need to double-click to use these ready-to-paste text snippets in your replies. It's also possible to share your Outlook email templates with colleagues, search them on the plug-in pane and add to favorites.

Use the Quick Reply tool to respond to similar emails in just one click without pressing Reply and Send.

  • Instantly reply to an email using a ready-to-insert template
  • See Template Phrases when you reply to an email from the reading pane
  • Organize your templates in a multi-level tree structure
  • Store text formatting, pictures, attachments and signatures
  • Use the Search option to find the needed text snippet
  • Easily back up your templates by exporting them
  • Assign shortcuts to the frequently used Outlook templates
  • Add most popular email templates to favorites
  • Use macros to auto fill message fields, add attachments and recipient names, etc.
  • Share your templates with colleagues
  • Find all recently used text snippets under a separate tab

Avoid most common emailing mistakes

Check emails before sending

Each time your mouse pointer hovers over the Send button, you need to check your email for dozens of critical mistakes that can affect your image and the image of your company. If you are prone to sending rapid fire emails without proofreading them, Outgoing Email Checker for Outlook will be your life saver. It always notifies you to attach a file in Outlook, add a proper salutation, use the correct address in the To field, send your email from the right account, or blind copy your manager. With dozens of things to check before sending an email, one handy reminder add-in will make your messages flawless.

  • Create email rules to get notified when your conditions are not observed
  • Get a reminder to add attachment to your email
  • Never send sensitive information to the wrong recipient
  • Avoid sending large messages
  • Make sure you use the correct account
  • Remember to fill CC or BCC lines when necessary
  • List the words you'd like to avoid in your emails
  • Be sure to include specific words when you use certain account or attach a file
  • Create email checker rules from scratch or use helpful templates

Never misuse Reply and Reply All

Avoid "Oh, no!" after sending an email

If you frequently send and receive multi-recipient emails, the Reply All functionality in Outlook may be a big trap for you. Whether you need to always hit the Reply All button, or try to avoid sharing emails with unintended recipients, Add-ins Collection has a solution for both. Just press the Alert to Reply All button to make sure you include all initial addressees, or click Prevent Reply All to stop accidental email replies.

  • Prevent replying to all initial recipients
  • Enable Reply All warning

See all conversation-related attachments

Manage all attachments of an email thread from one pane

Often long email communication involves dozens of attached files like images, invoices, PDFs, Word, or Excel documents. If you need to work with attachments, clicking through dozens of emails may be a really frustrating task. The Conversation Attachments add-in makes working with attachments in Outlook truly efficient by displaying all files from an email thread in one pane.

  • See all conversation attachments in one place
  • View attachments details like, data, size and sender
  • Sort files by sender
  • Use the Search option to quickly find any attachment
  • Double-click to open a file
  • Open the email that contains the attachment
  • Create a new email with the selected attachment

See alerts for important messages

Get untied from your inbox

Picking out the most important emails from the piles of incoming messages may be a real problem. Important Mail Alert will help you keep track of the emails that need your immediate attention. It shows a notification on top of all active windows as soon as most urgent and significant emails arrive. With this smart solution the important stuff gets through to you and you don't need hover over your inbox 24/7.

  • Get alerts for the most important emails based on the keywords
  • Open important messages straight from the add-in pane

Display the sender's time zone

View and customize the time zone of the message sender

If you often communicate with people outside of your time zone, Sender's Time Zone is for you. It stops you from replying to an Outlook email at an inappropriate moment which can make the recipient less likely to open your message. The tool shows you the local time of the sender and when the message was sent.

  • See the time stamp of the message sender at a glance
  • Get the add-in built into the Outlook message window
  • Customize the timestamp Sender's Time Zone
    shows for a particular person

Easily read and analyze email headers

Unhide and parse email headers in Outlook

Every single email contains Internet headers that deliver details about the web path the message takes between the sender and recipient. The headers show various issues that may require your attention, such as delivery delays or failing to get through the spam filters. However, in its original format it is fairly hard to read. Thus, we have included the Email Headers Analyzer tool into the collection to display the information in a user-friendly layout and help you troubleshoot mail delivery problems.

  • Click once to display email message headers in Outlook
  • See all server hops and the time between them
  • Get authentication results and AntiSpam details
  • Click on a header to navigate to its details in the add-in window
  • Use links to browse for header fields and RFCs

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