General FAQ

Outlook online add-ins

All my templates have disappeared all of a sudden and new ones cannot be saved. What do I do?

This problem is related to the storage place for the templates. The phrases you create are kept in the Roaming Settings that Microsoft provides for Office 365 accounts. And to our regret, we can't control it.
If you have a local Exchange server, then its settings may be causing this behavior.

Thus, regarding this problem, please turn to Microsoft support service for assistance.

Does your Template Phrases support formatting?

Unfortunately, due to some storage issues in Outlook online the current version of the add-in stores all templates in plain text only. 

Can I transfer my templates from outlook online version to desktop?

No, since the templates are saved in different formats.

How do I open an attachment with your tool?

Sadly, due to some technical limitations on the side of Office 365 our add-on can't open the attachments.

When you click the attachment in the list, it opens the email that contains the file. You can open the attachment from that email in Outlook.

How can I uninstall your add-in?

  1. Open your Outlook online and click Settings > Manage add-ins:
    Manage add-ins in Outlook online.
  2. Go to Add-Ins > My add-ins tab and find the tool of interest in the list. Click the icon with three dots at the bottom right corner of the utility and choose Remove:
    Remove add-ins from Outlook online.