How to Add Text in Excel

With text tools from Ultimate Suite for Excel you can easily append text to the selected cells in your table. Add a prefix, suffix, string, or any characters you may need in the selected range in Excel. Choose to add your text at the beginning or end, before or after certain values, or specify the exact position for your text in the selected cells.

Before you start

We care about your data. The add-in will back up your worksheet if you select the corresponding option.

How to add text to cells in Excel

Click the Add icon in the Text group on the Ablebits Data tab:
Add text to cells in Excel.
The Add Text pane offers you to adjust the following:
How to add text in Excel.

  1. Select the range where you need to append text.
  2. Click the Expand selection icon to select the whole table automatically.
  3. Type the prefix, suffix, string, or characters you need to add to the selected cells in your Excel table.
  4. The values you enter are saved in the dropdown list for future use.
  5. Choose to add text at the beginning or at the end of the cell contents in the selected range.
  6. Insert the specified value before or after the text you enter in the corresponding fields.
  7. Specify the exact position for your text in the selected cells. You can type or choose the character position number and the way to count it: start from the beginning of the cell or from the end of it.
  8. Select Skip empty cells if you have blanks in your data which you don’t want to be processed by the add-in.
  9. Choose Process only text cells to leave the cells with numerical data intact.
  10. We recommend you to Back up this worksheet, as you can't cancel changes made by add-ins in Excel.

Click the Add Text button and enjoy the result.