Fill email subject lines interactively

In Shared Email Templates for Microsoft Outlook

If you use the Fill macro to automatically insert some text into an email subject line, you might want to have an opportunity to interactively change that text when needed. If so, you can easily get the desired result with an interactive fillable field.

Create an interactive fillable field for a subject line

To create an interactive fillable field for filling in the subject of an email message, you need to place the WhatToEnter macro inside the Fill macro, which means you need to make the WhatToEnter macro nested.

  1. Start by adding Fill Subject to your template (see How to insert a macro into your template).
  2. When the Fill Subject line dialog shows up, delete Text, and then click the Insert nested macro button.
    The Fill Subject line dialog
  3. Select What to Enter.
    Selecting a nested macro
  4. In the What to enter dialog, opt for Text field. Then specify the field name—the name that the interactive field you're going to create will have. Enter a default value— text that you want to use by default. When you're done, click OK.
    The What to enter dialog
  5. The WhatToEnter macro that is going to be nested will appear in the Fill Subject line dialog. Click OK.
    A WhatToEnter macro in the Fill Subject line dialog
  6. Save the changes.

As soon as you insert such a template into an email message, you'll see a dialog showing the default text for the subject line. You can keep this text, or you can change it—it's up to you.
Text for a subject line