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Add a dropdown to an email subject line

If you've never heard of macros, let alone nested ones, but enjoy using Shared Email Templates and want to reach a master level to create templates that are as interactive as possible, you're on the right help page ;)

Create a dropdown for a subject line

If you'd like to choose between several options when adding text to an email subject line, you can create a dropdown by nesting the WhatToEnter macro within the Add macro. It is not as complicated as it sounds :) These are the simple steps to follow:

  1. In your template, start inserting the Add macro by selecting Add to Subject (see How to insert a macro into your template).
  2. In the Add to Subject line dialog, delete Text, add any symbols that you need, for example, a dash surrounded by spaces like in the screenshot below, and then click the Insert nested macro button.
    The Insert nested macro button
  3. Select What to Enter.
    Selecting a macro that is going to be nested
  4. Select Dropdown list. Enter the field name—you'll see it as a prompt in a dialog showing a dropdown menu when you insert your template into an email message. Type in or copy-paste items that you want to add to your dropdown list. Then click OK.
    The What to enter dialog
  5. As soon as the WhatToEnter macro is added to the Add to Subject line dialog, click OK.
    The WhatToEnter macro is ready to be nested.
  6. Don't forget to save the changes.

When such a template is inserted into an email message, a dialog containing a dropdown list will show up. You'll just need to decide what text you want to add to the subject of the email message you're going to send.
A dropdown list for a subject line

Then select the necessary list item and click OK.
A list item selected for a subject line

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