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Add-ons for Google Sheets & Docs

What subscription types do you offer for add-ons for Google Sheets/Docs?

At the moment there are two subscription plans available for our add-ons: 12-month and lifetime.

When you order the yearly subscription, you pay for all 12 months at once and use the add-on for one year from the moment of purchase.

For the lifetime subscription, you pay once and use the add-on forever.

How many accounts are covered by a subscription?

Each subscription is account-based, meaning it can be activated under one Google account at a time.

If there are many users wishing to work with the add-on, you need to acquire several subscriptions so there's one for each user.

Tip. To obtain multiple subscriptions with one payment simply change the number of required licenses on the purchase order page.

How to transfer my subscription to another user/account?

  1. Run the add-on where it's already activated and click the key icon at its bottom.
  2. You will see your license information there. Please copy your license key some place safe and click the Deactivate button.
  3. Then start the add-on under another Google account and activate using your license key.


Hi! My work email account just changed.
I saw where I could log in and deactivate my duplicates tool but I was not able to log back into my old account.

Can you help me? I need that tool to get work done for the rest of the day.

I appreciate the help!


Hi Chantel,

Since your message contains personal details that we had to edit, we'll reply to you by email.
Thank you for understanding.



I had purchased a power tools license and we just changed our domain. I'm unable to log in to the original email and deactivate the account. Is it possible to transfer my license to my new email?


Hi Laura,

We replied to your email yesterday.
We've reset your activation key so you could unlock the tool back under any account you need.

Please email us back if you encounter any difficulties.


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