Ultimate Suite for Excel

Activation FAQ

I haven't received my license key

As soon as your payment is processed, you should receive an automatically generated email message with your license information. If you haven't, please check your Spam/Junk/Trash folders. If there is still no message, please contact us at support@ablebits.com and we will send you all the necessary information asap.

How to activate my Ultimate Suite for Excel license?

After purchasing your Ultimate Suite license, you will receive an e-mail from us with your personal license key. Please find this message and copy license key to the clipboard before starting the activation process.

To enter your license key and unlock the program, please run Microsoft Excel. Go to the Ablebits Data tab and click the far left Buy Now button. In the drop-down menu, select the Enter License Key... option. After that, paste the license key from the clipboard and follow the Activation Wizard. If you need more details, please see How to activate Ultimate Suite for Excel license.

What to do if I see the Incorrect license key message when I try to activate the add-in?

Trying to activate your Ultimate Suite for Excel license, you may see one of the Incorrect license key messages. They fall into three categories:

  • The key does not match the edition you have installed.
  • The key does not match the version you have installed.
  • The license key you have entered is incorrect.

If you see the first or the second message, you need to detect the edition or version of Ultimate Suite you have installed and compare it to the edition or version you ordered. And then download and install the correct edition/version. Please perform the following steps:

If you see the third message, make sure you insert the license key entirely and do not enter any leading or trailing spaces.

I'm entering my license key but it says Activation limit exceeded

The reason may be that the key was automatically blocked by our registration server due to the exceeded limit of activations. Please contact our support team with this issue at support@ablebits.com

I reinstalled the add-in/Office/Windows and my license key has stopped working

First, please check that you installed the correct version and edition of the product. Please find more details above.

Second, if you upgraded or updated Microsoft Windows or Office, you should install a compatible Ultimate Suite version. If you got your license more than two years ago but want to upgrade it, you can do it at a discount. Please contact us at support@ablebits.com if you need help.

How to recover a lost license key?

To recover your license key, please make a request to the Activation service. Your license key will be sent to the email address that you specified when purchasing the product. If your email address has been changed or you don't remember it, please contact us to recover your license key manually.



I am interested in purchasing your software and have a few questions that I would appreciate your assistance with.

Am I allowed to install the software on both my work and personal laptops? Additionally, I would like to know if I have the flexibility to use the software on either my work or personal laptop at any given point in time.

Furthermore, if I were to change laptops in the future, would I still be able to install and utilize the software on my new laptop without any issues?

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to your response.


Thank you for your questions.
Today we offer different editions of Ultimate Suite 2022. The personal edition is licensed per user and can be installed, activated, and used on 2 machines, e.g. on a work PC and on a home laptop. The business edition is licensed per user as well, and each user can install and activate the add-in on up to his/her 5 PCs.
It is also possible to transfer a license from one computer to another. You simply need to uninstall the product from an old machine (if possible), then download it on a new machine, install and activate using your current license key.
Thank you.

Melisa Nagami says:
August 11, 2023 at 1:03 pm

Good morning,

I had to change my laptop at work for a newer model. I had ablebits for a single user on my old laptop, how can I transfer it to the new one. I am guessing I will need to install it and activate it again.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Please, kindly assist me with activation key for ablebites


Please note that you get a key for the add-in only after purchasing. Beforehand you can trial the add-in for free.

If you have already purchased the license for the Ablebits product and lost your key, then please email us at support@ablebits.com and specify what name/company name and email address you used when making the purchase. If you have your order ID, please send it to us as well. We will search for your license in our database using all these details.

Thank you.

I just purchased to single user version (which said $99 and I was charged $161 approx) and the activation code etc came through but it seems I accidentally exited the screen and now cannot locate/recover my activation code. We have had Ablebits previously under our Business name (Antmic Services Lty Ltd) and I also accidentally purchased this version under my own name of Anthony Lowe. Can you please assist me with the activation key and any other details I need to update our version, and also am I able to change the name from Anthony Lowe to Antmic Services Pty Ltd?
Thank you.

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your comment.

Please note that $99 is the price in USD which is equivalent to 151.19 AUD without the sales tax included. I have also updated the license name associated with your license to your company name and resent the license details to you by email. Please check your Inbox.

If you have any other questions or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Andrew Sullivan says:
September 21, 2022 at 10:50 am

I'm looking to purchase the Add-ins Collection for Outlook. I downloaded the free trial but want to move forward with purchasing/activation. When I click the buy button in the Outlook popup it takes me to a page that says "We are sorry, but an error has occurred and the direct cause cannot be determined. Please try back later." It's the My Commerce site. I also tried looking for the purchase section on your website but don't see an option to purchase this product. Any guidance on how to purchase would be greatly appreciated :)

Hello Andrew,

Sorry, we no longer sell Add-ins Collection for Outlook. We are not planning to develop the add-in further, it will be an end-of-life product in 2023. The Collection was built using the previous generation of the Office extensibility technologies that are out of date. We are moving forward and more focused on cloud-based solutions now.

With our new tool Shared Email Templates, you can create and use your templates in the desktop Outlook and Outlook online on Windows or Mac, create teams and share the templates with your teammates. If you’d like to try it out, you can install the add-in from Microsoft Office Store.

plz this widow always appears to me and bothering me .. how can i remove it forever ?


Sorry to hear that you have been bothered by our pop-ups. Please note they appear only in a trial version. Once the add-in is activated, the pop-up message will stop showing in your Excel. If you haven't purchased a license yet, I’d like to offer you an additional discount as our apologies for the annoyance.

If you no longer want to use our add-in, please simply uninstall it via Control Panel -> Programs and Features and the pop-ups won't show up again.

I purchased Duplicate Remover Toolkit 2018 and cannot find a way to download it. I do not want the Ultimate Suite, and that's the only add-on available to download. My license document even gives me only the link to the Ultimate Suite. How do I download the item that I purchased. I'm on a deadline and have spent over an hour trying to get this installed. Thank you.

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