The Incorrect License Key message

Trying to activate your Ultimate Suite for Excel license, you can get a message saying that you've entered the wrong license key. The problem comes up when:

  • The key doesn't match the edition you've installed.
  • The key doesn't match the version you've installed.
  • The license key itself is incorrect.

These are the steps to take:

Check what version and edition of Ultimate Suite you've installed

  1. Open any Excel file.
  2. Click the Help button on the Ablebits Data tab.
  3. Pick the About option:
    Click About.
  4. In the About window, you'll see the edition and version installed:
    Check the installed edition and version.

Compare these details to the version and edition you purchased

On finding out what edition and version of Ultimate Suite you have on your machine, open the email message that contains your license key and check what edition and version of the add-in are associated with your order. Please compare those details.

If the edition or version differs, do the following:

  1. Uninstall Ultimate Suite.
  2. Download the right edition/version of the add-in from the Latest versions or Archived versions page.
  3. Install and activate Ultimate Suite anew.

Double-check that the license key is entered correctly

Make sure that you're copying and pasting the whole of the license key and there are no leading or trailing spaces.

If you still can't activate your license, please contact us.