Corporate deployment with Azure AD integration

Shared Email Templates for Microsoft Outlook

Step 1: Create a company or team account

If you want your users to sign in to Shared Email Templates with their Microsoft work or school account credentials, create your company or team account via signing up with Microsoft.

Note. When you sign up with Microsoft, we do not get access to your Microsoft password.

  • If you've already added Shared Email Templates to your Outlook, run the add-in.
  • On the Shared Email Templates pane, select Sign up.
    Sign up for Shared Email Templates.
  • Select Sign up with Microsoft.
    Sign up with Microsoft.
  • Use a Microsoft dialog that will appear to sign in to your Microsoft work or school account.
  • You'll see a list of permissions requested by the add-in. To grant the permissions and proceed with the registration process, click the Accept button.
  • In the sign-up form, check and, if necessary, change your company or team account name; specify how many trial users you need; decide where your data will be stored; read and accept the Terms of use and Privacy policy. Then click the Sign up button.
    A sign-up form

Step 2: Deploy the add-in in the Microsoft 365 admin center

For detailed information, refer to the Microsoft Learn website: Deploy add-ins in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Step 3: Import users from Azure AD

Add users to your Shared Email Templates account by importing them from Azure Active Directory.

  • On the Shared Email Templates pane in your Outlook, click the three dots to open the More menu, and then select Manage Account.
    The Manage Account option on the More menu
  • In the Shared Email Templates app that will open in your default browser, select Import Users from AD.
    Import Users from AD
  • Via the Microsoft dialog, sign in to your Microsoft work or school account.
  • In the Import users dialog, select those of your colleagues whom you want to add to your Shared Email Templates account. Then click the Import button.
    The Import users dialog

Step 4: Add and assign subscriptions

If you have already purchased Shared Email Templates subscriptions, add subscription keys to your Shared Email Templates account and assign subscriptions to users.

Step 5: Create teams

In your Shared Email Templates account, create teams and add users to them.

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