Backup Outlook templates, transfer them to another PC

How to make a backup copy of your templates for Outlook

Reply with template in Outlook 2010

Template Phrases for Outlook allows replying to your emails with templates. On this page you will find how to back up your collection of text snippets to have the possibility to restore it. You'll also find how to transfer your Outlook templates to another PC.

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Easily back up your Outlook templates

If you ever happen to lose your Outlook email templates, you can easily restore them with the backup option. You can export the existing email templates and import them onto your computer if you lose your templates or if you get a new PC.

How to export email templates

  1. To transfer Outlook templates, you need to export your folder to the .DATA file. To do that, right-click on any item in the pane and pick the Export all option. Choose the option to export folder
  2. Browse for the location of your choice, enter a file name and click OK.

How to import templates

To import your templates, right-click on the folder that will contain the transferred templates in the list and select the Import option. The templates will be imported into the selected folder and placed at the end of the list.

Choose the option to import your template texts to folder

Copy and back up the folder with your Outlook templates

If you need it is possible to retrieve your lost or deleted template file in Outlook 2016 - 2007.

The folder with your templates is stored here:

  • If you have Windows 7 or Vista:
    C:\Users\USER ACCOUNT\AppData\Roaming\Add-in Express\Template Phrases for Microsoft Outlook\
  • If you have Windows XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\USER ACCOUNT\Local Settings\Application Data\Add-in Express\Template Phrases for Microsoft Outlook\

If Application Data or AppData Folder is hidden, please do the following:

  1. Select Tools->Folder Options... in Explorer menu
  2. Go to View Tab;
  3. Click Show hidden files and folders, click OK.

If you lose your templates, please follow these steps:

  1. Close Outlook;
  2. Place the backed up folder with your email templates to the same location on your PC;
  3. Start Outlook – your templates should be recovered.

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