Google Sheets

All Google Docs & Google Sheets limits you need to know

This blog post is a collection of the most important existing Google Docs and Google Sheets limits you need to know so everything loads and works like clockwork. Continue reading

Version history in Google Sheets: see edit history & restore any version

Google Sheets has many beneficial features. Saving your spreadsheets automatically while keeping records of all changes made in the file is one of them. You can access those records, look through them and restore any version anytime. Continue reading

Merge two Google sheets: update cells, add related columns & non-matching rows

Did you know that when you merge 2 Google sheets you can not only update records in one column but also pull whole related columns and even non-matching rows? Today I will show you how it's done with VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, QUERY functions and the Merge Sheets add-on. Continue reading

Merge two Google sheets: lookup, match and update records

Today's blog post features all ways to merge 2 Google Sheets. You will use VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, QUERY and Merge Sheets add-on to update cells in one sheet from records from another one based on matches in common columns. Continue reading

How to highlight duplicates in Google Sheets

There are different ways to deal with duplicates in Google spreadsheets. But highlighting them is the best way to spot them instantly. Here you'll learn how to color duplicate cells, columns, and rows while ignoring or taking their first occurrences into account. Continue reading

How to find and remove duplicates in Google Sheets

Looking for a way to find duplicates in Google Sheets? How about 7 ways? :) Delete, highlight, count duplicates. Use formulas, conditional formatting or formula-free tools. Come pick your poison and deal with duplicates for good :) Continue reading

Video: Format your tables in Google Sheets using Table Styles add-on

Make a statement with your Google Sheets tables using the updated Table Styles add-on! 50+ supplied styles, the ability to edit each or create your own style templates. Set font, colors, borders & other formatting, apply styles by parts – even the tailor-made tables now won't be left behind. Continue reading

Video: How to protect & unprotect multiple Google sheets in bulk

In this video, you'll learn one new feature our Sheets Manager introduced to Google Sheets: protect more than one Google sheet at the same time. Of course, the option to unprotect multiple Google sheets is included. Come take a look. Continue reading

Video: How to move multiple Google sheets to new, existing or several separate spreadsheets

Have you ever tried to move – cut & paste – Google sheets from one file to another? There's no such option available in spreadsheets. But it doesn't really matter if you have Sheets Manager at hand. It knows how to split your Google spreadsheet by tabs or simply move multiple tabs to a new or the existing file at once. Continue reading

Video: How to copy multiple Google sheets to the current, new, existing or several separate spreadsheets

In today's video, I'll show you why Sheets Manager is a better alternative when it comes to copying multiple Google sheets. You'll see the handiest way of duplicating several tabs and, what's more, learn how to copy them into multiple separate spreadsheets in one go. Continue reading

Video: How to lock several Google sheets, copy them, hide/unhide, move, etc. with a special add-on

Though Google Sheets offers its ways to process multiple tabs, there's a faster and user-friendly solution I'd like to share – our Sheets Manager add-on. It even knows a few tricks you won't cover with standard tools. But please, don't take my word for it – come watch today's video to see for yourself.  Continue reading

Video: How to extract data from Google Sheets cells

If you haven't tried our Extract Data add-on for Google Sheets yet, this video will make up your mind. See how easy it is to extract links, email addresses, numbers and text from different positions of multiple Google Sheets cells at once. Continue reading

How to split one Google sheet or spreadsheet into multiple separate tables or files

When you work with a large Google spreadsheet, you may find yourself constantly filtering the table to get only particular datasets. Wouldn't it be best to split all info into multiple separate sheets or even files in Drive? If so, today I invite you to split your sheets and spreadsheets together. Pick the way you want to get your data and follow the steps described there. Continue reading

Video: How to replace special characters in Google Sheets

There's a small add-on for Google Sheets we offer that proves itself super useful. See how it quickly replaces accented characters, smart quotes with straight ones, codes with their symbols and vice versa. Continue reading

CELLCOLOR & VALUESBYCOLORALL: functions for Google Sheets to work with colored cells

This tutorial introduces 2 new functions from our Function by Color add-on for Google Sheets: CELLCOLOR & VALUESBYCOLORALL. Use them to sum & count cells not only by their colors but also by the common contents. Ready-made SUMIFS & COUNTIFS formulas are included ;) Continue reading

Video: How to use CELLCOLOR & VALUESBYCOLORALL in Google Sheets

Function by Color add-on supplies your Google Sheets with 2 new custom functions: CELLCOLOR & VALUESBYCOLORALL. Watch how to use them for your colored cells in any of your own formulas. Continue reading

Video: How to count colored cells in Google Sheets

If you haven't tried our Function by Color add-on for Google Sheets yet, you will be pleasantly surprised. It calculates values based on their font, fill, or both colors using 13 aggregation functions. Today's video will show you how it works. Continue reading

Find and replace special characters in Google Sheets

Getting tired of all those smart quotes, accented letters, and other unwanted special characters in Google Sheets? We have a few ideas on how to replace them effortlessly. Continue reading

Video: remove the same characters and substrings from multiple Google Sheets cells

Today's video is all about getting rid of unwanted text from several Google Sheets cells at once. You'll see how our Remove Text add-on removes specific characters and various substrings from different positions in cells. Continue reading

Extract data from Google Sheets cells: text, numbers, URLs, hyperlinks, email addresses, dates, and time

This next bit of our operations with text in spreadsheets is devoted to extraction. Find out ways to extract various data – text, characters, numbers, URLs, email addresses, date & time, etc. – from various positions in multiple Google Sheets cells at once. Continue reading

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