Sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010

I'm sure by now all of you are aware that the old good Google Calendar Sync is not supported any longer. And you don't need to have the third eye to understand at least one reason why they discontinued it. Microsoft and Google are the biggest competitors fighting for the leadership and market share, and all's fair in love and war… It's not only clear why we, users, should suffer.

Anyway, apart from Google's Calendar Sync, there exist a number of ways and free tools to sync Outlook and Google calendars and hopefully this article will help you choose the best approach.

How to synch Google Calendar with Outlook (read-only)

Using this method you can set up one way syncing from Google Calendar to Outlook. Outlook will periodically check the Google Calendar for updates, and if any new or modified events are found, they will be downloaded and displayed alongside with your Outlook appointments.

Copy Google Calendar's URL

  1. Log into your Google account and click Calendar on the Google bar.
    Log into your Google account and click Calendar on the Google bar.

    If you are logged into your Gmail account, then you will need two clicks instead of one. As you probably know, about two months ago Google rolled out the new update and all of a sudden the Calendar button disappeared from the G-mail page's task bar. Anyway, click on the Apps launcher icon Apps launcher icon and select Calendar from the list of apps.

  2. Hover over the needed calendar in the calendar list at the left-hand part of the screen, click the drop-down arrow that appears to the right of the calendar name, and then click Calendar settings.
    Hover over the needed calendar in the calendar list and click Calendar settings.

    This will open the Calendar details page.

  3. If your google calendar is public, then click the green ICAL icon next to Calendar Address. If it is private, click the ICAL button next to the calendar's Private Address.
    Click the ICAL button and copy the calendar's URL.
  4. Copy the calendar's URL. Now you can paste this URL into any other application that supports the iCal format (.ics) and access your Google calendar from there.

Synchronizing with Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016

Method 1:

  1. Open your Outlook and switch to Calendar > Manage Calendars ribbon group.
  2. Click Open Calendar button and choose "From Internet…" from the drop down list.
    Click Open Calendar button and choose
  3. Paste your Google calendar's URL and click OK.

Method 2:

  1. On the File tab, select Account Settings twice.
    On the File tab, select Account Settings twice.
  2. Switch to the Internet Calendars tab and click the New… button.
    Click the New… button on the Internet Calendars tab.
  3. Press Ctrl + V to past the Google calendar's URL, and then click the Add button.
  4. Click Close to close the Accounting Settings dialog.
  5. In the Subscriptions Option dialog box, type the folder name for the imported calendar and make sure the Update Limit checkbox is selected. If you want to transfer the attachments within your Google Calendar events, select the corresponding option too and then click OK.
    Name the imported calendar and make sure the Update Limit checkbox is selected.

That's it! Your Google calendar has been added to Outlook and you can see it under "Other Calendars".

Google calendar has been imported to Outlook and you can see it under 'Other Calendars'.

Note! Remember that the Google Calendar imported in this way is read-only, the lock icon lock icon is displayed in the lower right hand corner of all imported Google Calendar's events, meaning they are locked for editing. Changes made in Outlook are not synced with your Google Calendar. If you want to send the changes back to Google Calendar, you need to export your Outlook Calendar.

Calendar Sync / Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Updated on 1-Aug-2014.

Google officially announced "Google Sync End of Life", including the Google Calendar Sync, last year. And on 1 August 2014, our good old Google Calendar Sync has finally come to an end, alas.

Initially, this section contained a backup download link for Google Calendar Sync and instructions on how to make it work with new versions of Outlook 2010 and 2013. But since all that stuff is of no use any longer, we have removed it.

I'm explaining this so that you won't be confused if you come across mentioning of that magic link in early comments to this post. Even if you find it somewhere else, it would be of no avail because Google Calendar Sync has stopped functioning altogether.

So, what alternative does Google offer to us now? I guess everyone already knows - Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook plug-in. This new sync app supports all versions of Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and Outlook 2016 and automatically syncs e-mail, contacts and calendars between Outlook and Google apps servers. It can also simultaneously copy data from a company's Exchange servers.

A fly in the ointment is that Google Apps Sync is available only for paid accounts as well as for Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government users. If you are one of those lucky customers, you may find the following resources helpful:

Download Google Apps Sync for Outlook - on this page you can find the latest version of Google Apps Sync and watch an introductory video that will help you quickly get started with this plug-in.

Work with your Google Calendar in Outlook - detailed guidance on how to set up and use Google Apps Sync with Outlook 2016 - 2003.

Free tools and services to sync Google Calendar with Outlook

In this section, we are going to look into some free tools and services and see what benefits they provide.

SynqYa - free web service to synchronize calendars and files

You may consider using this free service as an alternative way to handle your Google and Outlook calendar synchronization. A really nice feature is that it allows two-way syncing, i.e. from Google to Outlook and in the reverse direction. Synchronizing between Google and iPhone is also supported, which adds one more argument in favor of SynqYa.

The sync process is pretty straightforward and requires just two steps:

  • Sign up for a free synqYa account.
  • Authorize access to your Google calendar.

Setting up syncing between Google and Outlook calendars with SynqYa

Wrapping up, this service seems to be a decent alternative if you don't have the admin rights on your computer, or if you are reluctant to install any Outlook add-ins, or if your company has a strict policy with regard to installing third-party software in general and free tools in particular.

SynqYa Pros: no client software, no installation (admin rights are not required), syncs Outlook, Apple iCal and other calendar software with Google Calendar.

SynqYa Cons: more difficult to configure (based on our blog readers feedback); syncs with one calendar only; no option to check for duplicates, meaning if you have the same appointments in Outlook and Google, you will have these entries in double after syncing.

Calendar Sync for Outlook and Google - free 1-way and 2-way syncing

Calendar Sync is free software to sync Outlook appointments with Google events. It supports one-way syncing either from Outlook or Google as well as 2-way syncing by last changed appointments/events. It also lets you delete duplicate items in Outlook and Google calendars. Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 are supported.

The following screenshot demonstrates how to configure the syncing settings:
Calendar Sync for Outlook and Google

Calendar Sync Pros: easy-to-configure, allows 1-way and 2-way syncing, a portable (zip) version is available that does not require admin rights and allows using the proxy settings.

Calendar Sync Cons: Free version allow synching appointments / events only within a 30 day range.

Outlook Google Calendar Sync

Outlook Google Calendar Sync is another free tool for syncing Outlook and Google calendars.  This small tool doesn't require admin rights, works behind a proxy and supports the following versions:

  • Outlook -> Google syncing (Outlook 2003 - 2016)
  • Google -> Outlook sync (Outlook 2010 and 2016)

Outlook Google Calendar Sync

I have to say that I did not try this tool personally, but the manufacturer warns that this project is currently undergoing a lot of development and therefore bugs are inevitable.

Paid tools to sync Outlook and Google calendars

Updated on 1-Aug-2014.

Initially, I did not plan to include any commercial tools in this article. But now that the former top player (Google Calendar Sync) is out of the game, it probably makes sense to review some paid tools as well, and see how they compare to each other.

Below you will find a quick overview of the syncing tool that I tried personally. I will probably add some more tools in the future if you find this info useful.

CompanionLink for Google

This application can synchronize calendars, contacts and tasks between Outlook and Google and lets you select the categories to be synced. Also, it does support syncing of multiple calendars, which is a big plus. The tool works with all versions of Outlook 2016 - 2000.

The configurations process is very straightforward and you will hardly need any guidance. I will just point out a few key steps and features below.

To start configuring, you can click on the Settings icon in the CompanionLink group on the Add-ins ribbon tab in Outlook, or click the CompanionLink icon on the desktop, or find it in the programs list.

  1. First off, select what devices you want to synchronize (naturally this is Outlook and Google in our case):
    Select the devices you want to synchronize.
  2. Now you choose what items (calendars, contacts, tasks) you want to sync and whether it shall be one-way or two-way syncing. To do this, click the Settings button under Microsoft Outlook and you will see the following options:
    Choose the items to sync and one-way or two-way syncing
  3. Clicking the Settings button under Google will display the "Google Settings" dialog where you enter your Gmail credentials and choose what calendars to sync - the default one, selected, or all.
  4. And finally, you can click the Advanced button in the lower-left corner of the Settings window, switch to the Auto Synchronization tab and select the time when you want to have the items get synchronized automatically.
    Configuring auto synchronization

You are all set now. Of course, you can switch between other tabs and play with other settings if you want to. For example, you can set the Category Filter on the corresponding tab.

The Mac version of CompanionLink is also available that supports 2-way syncing between Mac and Google.

If you are interested to try the CompanionLink syncing tool, here is the product's page - CompanionLink for Google. A trial version is not publically available, though, and you would have to provide your email address to get it. I personally hate this practice, but they probably have some reasoning behind it. Currently CompanionLink offers two pricing models - one-time license for $49.95 or 3-month subscription for $14.95.

CompanionLink Pros: feature-rich, easy-to configure; supports 1-way and 2-way manual or automatic syncing of calendars, contacts and tasks; can sync multiple calendars; the company provides free phone support.

CompanionLink Cons: only paid version is available, complicated procedure to get a trial.

gSyncit - software to sync Outlook calendars, contacts, notes and tasks with Google

gSyncit is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook purposed for syncing calendars (as well as contacts, notes and tasks) between Outlook and Google. It also supports synchronization with Evernote, Dropbox and some other accounts and lets you edit Google calendar events imported into the Outlook calendar.

The gSyncit tool has a free and paid version. Both versions allow 1-way and 2-way syncing of calendars, tasks, contacts and notes. A while ago, this was one of the most popular free tools with just 2 significant limitations -  syncing just one calendar and a pop-up appearing on Outlook start with a 15 second delay. However, the changes introduced in version 4 have made an unregistered version almost useless:

  • Synchronizing one Google and Outlook calendar;
  • Synchronizing 50 entries only;
  • Does not sync deletes for contacts / notes /tasks entries;
  • 2 popups on Outlook start, one after the other, which will make you wait for 15 seconds and 10 seconds respectively;
  • Automatical syncing is disabled in the free version.

So, currently an unregistered version of gSyncit can be used for evaluation purposes only, alas. If you want to remove the above limitations, you will have to buy a registered version.

How to configure Outlook and Google calendar syncing with gSyncit

  1. You start by clicking the Settings button on the gSyncit tab on the Outlook ribbon.
  2. In the Settings window, choose what items to sync on the left pane and then click the New button.
    Configuring Outlook and Google calendar syncing with gSyncit
  3. After that you create a new mapping by specifying 3 essential things:
    • Click the Verify Account button to enter your credentials and verify your Google account.
    • Click Select Calendar… under Google Calendar section to get the calendar URL.
    • And finally, click Select Calendar… under Outlook Calendar section to choose the Outlook calendar you want to sync with. It may be something like "\\personal folder\calendar" or "\\account_name \calendar".

    Creating a new mapping with gSyncit

  4. For additional options, switch to the Sync Options tab and check the options you want. For the 2-way syncing, select both "Sync Outlook to Google" and "Sync Google to Outlook":
    Set up 2-way syncing between Outlook and Google.

    Of course, there are a handful of additional options on other tabs, but in most cases the settings on the Sync Options tab absolutely suffice.

  5. Now you only need to click OK to save a new mapping that will link your Outlook and Google calendars together.

    Once a new mapping is created, you simply click the appropriate button on the ribbon and your Google calendar will get synced with Outlook straight away.
    Click the appropriate button on the ribbon to have your Google calendar synced with Outlook.

If you'd rather have automatic syncing, head over to the Applications Setting tab > Sync Options and configure your preferred synchronization intervals. You can also enable automatic syncing when Outlook starts or exists:
Configuring automatic synchronization with gSyncit

If you want advanced options, the following ones may come in handy:

  • Synchronize all appointments or within a specified time range only (Sync Range tab).
  • Sync Outlook appointments from certain categories only (Categories tab).
  • Remove duplicate appointments (Sync Options tab).

Summing up, if you are an active user of both calendars, gSyncit is definitely worth your attention as a tool to automate Outlook and Google calendar syncing.

gSyncit Pros: easy-to-configure, allows 2-way syncing of calendars, tasks and contacts; additional options such as pre-configured automatic syncing, removing duplicate items etc.

gSyncit Cons (free version): displays a pop-up window on Outlook start preventing Outlook usage for 15 seconds, supports syncing with one Outlook calendar only, synchronizes 50 entries only, and does not sync deletes.

Import / export calendars between Outlook and Google

Using this method you can transfer a copy of your calendars in the iCalendar format from Outlook to Google and in vice versa. However, the imported calendar snapshots are not updatable and you need to get a new snapshot every time the calendar gets updated. This does not seem to be the best approach if you are actively using both calendars, though it may work if e.g. you plan to get your Outlook calendar into Gmail and then stop using Outlook.

Importing a calendar from Google into Outlook

  1. Copy the Google Calendar's URL as described above (Steps 1 -3).
  2. Click the calendar's URL that shows up.
    Click the calendar's URL that shows up.
  3. When the basic.ics file is downloaded, click on it to import the calendar into Outlook.

The imported Google calendar will open side-by-side with your Outlook Calendar and will be available under Other Calendars.

Note: The imported calendar is static and it won't update. To get the latest version of your Google Calendar, you should repeat the steps described above. Alternatively, you can subscribe to your Google Calendar and have it updated automatically.

Exporting Outlook calendar to Google

  1. In Outlook Calendar, select the calendar you want to export to Google to make it the active calendar in the view.
  2. Switch to the File tab and click Save Calendar.
    Switch to the File tab and click Save Calendar.
  3. Type a name for the iCal file in the File Name field.
    Type a name for the iCal file in the File Name field.
  4. Click the More Options button to specify the date range and detail level.
    Specify the date range and detail level.

    Tip: Click the Advanced button for two more options: 1) whether to export private items and 2) whether to export attachments within your Outlook calendar items. If you choose the latter, be aware that this might significantly increase the size of the iCalendar file.
  5. Click OK to close the More Options dialog and then click Save.

    That's it! You have performed all needed steps in Outlook and now let's finish the process on Google Calendar's side.

  6. Log on to your Google Calendar account.
  7. Click the little black arrow next to My calendars and choose Settings.
    Click the little black arrow next to My calendars and choose Settings.
  8. Under Calendar, click the Import Calendar link.
    Click the Import Calendar link.
  9. Click the "Choose File" button and browse for the .ics file you have created earlier and click Open.
  10. In the drop down box next to Calendar, choose the Google Calendar where you want to import your Outlook appointments.
  11. Click the Import button to finish the process.
    Click the Import button to finish the process.

    Note. Similar to Importing a calendar from Google into Outlook, the transferred calendar is static and won't update along with the changes you make in Outlook. To get the recent version of your Outlook calendar, you need to repeat this procedure.

Well, in this article we've covered several tools and techniques that will hopefully help you sync your Google calendar with Outlook. If none of them meets you requirements in full, you can check out various paid services, such as OggSync, Outlook Dav, Sync2, GooOut and many others.

Important Note! Please be sure to use only one syncing method described in this tutorial at a time, or else you may end up having duplicate calendar items in Outlook and Google.

How to streamline your email communication in Outlook

Though this section does not relate directly to syncing Outlook and Google, it may be useful for those who actively use Outlook in daily work. I just want to take this opportunity and introduce you to 5 smart plug-ins for Outlook 2016 - 2003. Created initially for internal use inside our company by our best Outlook developers, these small plug-ins might be of great help. They will automate the following tasks for you:

You can find more details about the tools and download their trials by clicking the links above. Just give them a try, and these plug-ins will speed up and improve your Outlook experience in so many ways!

You can buy any of the tools separately or as part of Plug-ins Collection. And don't forget to grab a special coupon code that we created especially for our blog readers. Use it on the order form and get the 15% discount on any products: AB14-BlogSpo . And this seems to be all for today, thank you for reading!

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    You can find the detailed instructions on how to turn off the 2-step verification on the following page (from Google support):

    Also, you may try Wayne's solution first (please see comment 31 above). He seems to have found a way to make it work with 2 step authentication as well. I personally did not try this solution because I've never turned on 2 steps on my google account. If it works for you, please take a minute and post the result here for other users to know. Thank you in advance : )

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    • Hi Paul,
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    Can you please guide.


  44. Will Erwich says:

    Svetlana - You are a tremendous help with this article and follow-up posts. I did not find the help I need and thought I would ask. My company was using Lotus Notes and I was using a sync software called calsync to sync my Lotus Notes calendar one way to my Google calendar. It did not require Admin. Rights and so I could install it on my work computer. My company now went to Outlook and I can find no equivalent to Calsync... everything I've found, including all your recommendations require Admin Rights and I am not able to use them. Do you have any suggestions? By the way, here is the link to Calsync (I really want to find an equivalent for Outlook).

  45. Hi Will,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Regrettably, I don't know any syncing tool for Outlook that would not require admin rights :( The only alternative that comes to mind is using some third-party online service like SynqYa.

  46. Kevin says:

    Hi Svetlana, I am using the old Google Sync with Outlook 2010. Works fine except when Outlook is not running I get a dialogue box asking which Outlook profile to use. 'Outlook' is my only profile and I have checked the dialogue box to make it the default profile to no avail. Is it a requirement that Outlook be running for Google Sync to do its thing or is there a registry setting I could use to force the Outlook profile to default? Thank you!

  47. Alibek says:

    Hi Svetlana,
    many thanks for generous aid. tried couple of solutions, neither of which worked for two way sync btw outlook and google cal and made google cal editable in outlook. Your post solved the issue.

    • Alibek says:

      Hi Svetlana, the google calendar sync workaround is fully functional, however the data generated in outlook is only pushed to google cal, and in magical way does not appear in android (that is synced with google cal).
      If event is generated in google cal, then both outlook and android update accordingly. Kind of tricky, and I don't understand the way outlook generated entries are pushed to google cal but do not reach the mobile.

  48. Pietro says:

    Hi Svetlana,

    I tried to download the old application but it does not exist anymore.
    Can you help me in anyway in getting the old Google Calendar Sync?


  49. Nanette says:

    Hi Svetlana, Thank you for your article. I have followed the directions using the old application of google sync and deleting the 9.5 file. However when I arrived at the {00062FFF-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\ file there was only a 9.3 file? Help.

  50. Jen says:

    I followed your directions (very helpful) but then found a download that syncs my Outlook & Google calendars actively, rather than statically. Now I have duplicates of everything in my calendar! How do I get rid of the static calendar sync??

    Thank you!

    • Hello Jen,
      For me to be able to help better, can you please specify which exactly method of static syncing you used? And what tool for dynamic syncing you downloaded?

      • Jen says:

        I followed your instructions in the section above called "Import / export calendars between Outlook and Google" because I wanted Outlook items to appear on Google, not the other way around. I then used Sync2 to get Outlook to supposedly sync on the hour with Google, but I am finding that it has not been doing so. Advice?


        • Jen says:

          update: the sync finally kicked in and I'm seeing new Outlook items in Google.

          • Jen says:

            but (fyi) the duplicates are still there from the static calendar import.

            • Hi Jen,

              Thank you for the update. You can remove duplicate items from your Outlook using this free tool: Outlook Duplicate Items Remover.

              If you also set one-way syncing from Google to Outlook, described in "How to synch Google Calendar with Outlook 2010 and 2013 (read-only)", you can turn it off in this way: in your Outlook, switch to the File tab > Account settings > Account Settings... > Internet Calendars. Select your Google calendar and click the Remove button.

              I am really sorry that my post has caused these troubles to you. I'm doing to add a note that only one synching method should be used to avoid duplicates. Don't hesitate to contact me again if I can help any further.

          • Jen says:

            Hi Svetlana,

            Thank you for reminding me that I could remove the other sync tool - but now the ODIR won't install - there's an "unspecified error" :( IDEAS?

          • Jen says:

            Actually, the ODIR page says that my Windows and Office versions being 64 bit or 32 bit make a difference - how do I find out what mine are? I have Windows 7 and Office 2010 Professional Plus.

          • Jen says:

            To be more specific, the error message says: "Unable to register the DLL/OCX: DllRegisterServer failed: code 0x80004005."

          • Jen says:

            ok, last one: Windows is 64-bit but I can't figure out how to find if Office is 32 or 64...

          • Jen says:

            Alrighty, now I know that my version of Office is 64 bit - so is there a different tool I can use to get rid of the duplicates? ODIR doesn't run on 64 bit versions of Office.

  51. Chantal says:

    Hi Svetlana,

    I have a problem with my Outlook since I have change for the 2010 version on Monday. If I set up an appointment in my cel phone or in Google calender it appear 1 hr earlier in Outlook.

    Do you know what I need to do. I had a technician work on this most of the afternoon and couldn't resolve it.



    • Hi Chantal,
      There's only one thought that comes to mind - check whether you have the same time zones and DST (Daylight saving time) set in your cell phone, Google Calendar and Outlook.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Svetlana,

        For some reason it is working with my cellular but still not working with Google Calender and Outlook. As for the setting they are both set for Eastern time but I don't see anything about DST.

        Should I try to reinstall Google Sync?


  52. Chantal says:

    Hi Svetlana,

    I have been doing more test and now it is not working with my cellular or google. I have try some try found on the web (because it looks like I am not the only with this problem) and one test work but then it didn't.

    Whatever I schedule in my cellular or google are ok on both platform it just that it is 1 hr off in Outlook.

    I found this

    What do you think of this program. Is it worth it?



    • Hi Chantal,

      As far as I understand, they recommend switching to a paid version of gSync. I cannot say anything about it because I tried only a free version of this tool when writing this article. It worked fine for me, but on the other hand I’ve never had this 1 h. late problem, so I do not know whether gSynс will really be able to solve the issue.

      Anyway, I believe it's worth trying free means first : ) BTW, the link you found also says the problem is related to DST "It all started when they changed the dates for daylight savings time. Apparently Google Calendar Sync is coded in such a way that it recognizes the old dates for daylight savings time."

      I've found Microsoft's recommendations for Outlook and time zones that do not observe daylight saving here, probably this will be helpful:

      • Chantal says:

        Hi Svetlana,

        Thank you, I will wait and see when GMT change to DST on March 26 if this get resolve otherwise I will check the paid option.

        I am in EST and we change DST on March 09.

        Thank you again and have a great day,


  53. George Hooper says:


    Great post - synchronization of google calendar and Outlook is configured and working.

    Thanks for your help!

  54. Gary Green says:

    Regarding 2 step authentication, just wanted to note that Wayne's comment in 31 above works perfectly.

    Thanks Svetlana for the best description of this process and options anywhere!

  55. Jim says:

    The link to only brings up version of Google Calendar Sync and the description says that there are "limitations" and that you should purchase the it to remove the limitations.

  56. Bob says:

    OMG thanks Svetlana, total lifesaver, one of the most helpful posts I've ever encountered.
    Thank you!!!

  57. Chris says:

    Hi, Svetlana. After reading your post and all the published Q and A's, I'm still having trouble. I use Outlook to pull my yahoo ( email from the server and into the software. I have used the Google Calendar Sync software for years to sync (2-ways) between Outlook and my gmail account so the calendar events in my Outlook populate on my (Android) cell phone, and vice versa. While no changes were made to software / settings, this stopped working recently: calendar events do not copy from Outlook into my phone, nor do events added on my phone populate into the Outlook calendar on my laptop. I have triple-checked the settings on GCS, including to be sure "2-way sync" is selected. I tried the suggestion from a previous poster to set up Google's 2-step verification + app-specific passwords, to no avail. Any thoughts?

  58. Pradeep says:

    Thanks Svetlana for the wonderful piece of information. It helps a lot.

  59. deb says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Well done!

  60. Kumar Aniruddh says:

    Worked like a charm.
    Thanks a ton Svetlana.

  61. Gabriele says:

    You are great! Thanks a lot. This is the only free working system to Sync it all!

  62. Alex says:

    Hi, I install the google sync, and every time that the program sync, they me for outlook profile, and only I have one profile, also I put the check as default, please help I don't want to choose every time the default profile.-

  63. martyg says:

    thanks so much. super clear.
    so I have exported my outlook calendar to my gmail calendar. again.
    but this is not true synching.
    my Samsung G4 wants me to use KIES 3 for synching - which I find to be a clunky awful tool.
    before I spend more time on this - would gsynchit - or some other tool make my life easier?

    - M

  64. Tim says:

    Thank you for the information. Microsofts latest upgrade to S Planner now means that syncing on my Samsung Galaxy S4 is not compatible so hopefully gSyncit will provide me with a viable alternative. So far so good.


  65. Lori D. Kendall says:

    Svetlana, thank you, thank you! This information was fantastic! You are awesome!

  66. DrSusan says:

    Thank you sooooo... much for this information!!! After having to replace my hard drive on my laptop computer (and subsequently reinstalling all of my software), I didn't know what I was going sync my Outlook calendar with my Google calendar that my assistant needs in order to schedule my appointments since Google Calendar Sync is no longer available. The information contained in this article was a lifesaver!

    I really commend you for the thoroughness of the information that was included and the straight forward presentation of it. Everything was very easy to follow.

    Thank you!


  67. Brett says:


    I wish to echo what others have already noted. Thank you so much for a clear and intelligent article that offers multiple solutions to syncing Outlook and Google calendars AND explains the features of these options. I was going to try the Google Calendar Sync on my pc even though I knew it had been shut to new users. I had set it up on my wife's laptop prior to it being discontinued but, somehow, I had not saved the file. Finding your article, with an active link to the file, was more than I could have hoped for.

    Thank you very much for a fantastic article.


  68. Soheil Mizani says:

    hi, so thanks about all. in Iran we can't pay for google app. your advises solve my problem. Bests

  69. C. Mullican says:

    Thanks for the article, and especially for continuing to respond to comments! I recently started a new job, and here, they use Outlook, which I haven't used in close to a decade -- very different now! I have my Outlook calendar displaying on my Google calendar, and vice versa, but what I don't know is whether my coworkers will be able to see my Google calendar free / busy information. If I put a dentist appointment on my Google calendar from my phone, will they see that I'll be in late? All the details? Nothing?

    My main reason to want to sync the two is so I don't have to enter that sort of info twice, but I'm not sure how to check, other than asking a coworker to look, I guess.

    • If you use the default Outlook calendar and have shared it with your co-workers, then yes, they should see your Google appointments as well.

      >...but I'm not sure how to check, other than asking a coworker to look, I guess.

      I believe this is a very reasonable approach. To know with certainty, I'd create a test appointment and check with a colleague what exactly details they see.

  70. J. Curtis says:

    I have a Windows 7 machine and use Outlook 2013. Will the synch instructions still work as you describe in "How to get the old good Google Calendar Sync to work for you?"

  71. P. Nattakitt says:

    Thank you very much.

  72. Paul Brock says:

    Could you post an export of your registry settings because this did not seem to fix my issue. W7 + Outlook 2013

  73. Nick S says:

    On the other side of the coin, how do you totally remove Outlook calendar events from your Google calendar if you did install Google Sync? I thought I'd try Google Sync on my Win7 machine and Android phone and while it worked great, after a day I actually didn't like my work Outlook calendar events showing on my phone!
    So, I just went to Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall Google Sync and it did uninstall the app. However, my Google Calendar still has all the Outlook calendar events on it? Can I get these off?

  74. sachadon says:

    Thanks a lot for the document. gsyncit works for me. Thanks!

  75. Sandeep says:

    Thanks for sharing this great article. I had gone nuts hunting around the web until I found this.

    By the way, can I sync multiple Google accounts with this software?

  76. Sandeep says:

    Sorry! I missed out mentioning the software that I was talking about. It's Google Calendar Sync.

  77. StWill says:

    Hi Svetlana,

    I have been trying to sync my outlook 2007 running on my dell, ms windows vista home premium edition with my google calendar which currently syncs to my lg g2. I have followed your instructions above, installing the google calendar/sync, changing the regedit etc. but it still won't sync. As seems to be with other above, I keep getting the error message and being asked for the default profile. Any suggestions?

    • Frank says:

      Under control panel you need to open mail
      then you can can choose profile
      there should be a button that says to use a profile as default
      it worked for me

  78. Jaka says:

    thanx for link on old Google Calendar Sync

  79. Anonymous says:

    Looking for the Google Calendar Sync that I had on my old laptop. GCS wouldn't sync some appts. and I just live with it since it seems to be a common problem. Tried your suggestion with gSyncit, all my appts. sync'ed without problems.

    Thank you!

  80. Dan says:

    This was AWESOME help. THANK YOU.

  81. Alex says:

    The loss of this feature was terrible for us! I manage an events centre. We previously added bookings to our outlook calendar which then synced to google calendar which then displayed on our website. I don't want to start just using the google calendar as it isn't as clear to look at and doesn't print out as well (i print the calendar weekly for our caretakers). I may though use the feature where I sync the google calendar to the outlook one. That could work and help us ensure that bookings are on both calendars - at the moment we having to add them to both calendars individually which isn't a biggie but it's easy to forget to add it to the google one if you have been distracted. Worst case sceanario - the appointments show up twice on the outlook calendar - at least we would be able to see where entries don't match. Thanks

  82. Rasika says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.. It works for me straight away and it is really useful when trying to keep an eye on personal appointments in Google without peeing to the phone while working in Outlook

  83. Brian says:

    Do you know how to sync a gmail calendar if you dont have the private address for the calendar? I keep getting an error "cannot verify or add the internet calendar in outlook. verify the link is a valid calendar link"


  84. John says:

    Svetlana: downloaded the calendar sync program and installed. get an error code:

    Could not initialize Google Calendar sync for Microsoft Outlook: error 214741811 code 1006.

    Looked at the help site for Calendar sync. Cleared my browser cache and made sure that my firewall allowed Google calendar sync through. Still received the same error code. Any help would be appreciated.


  85. John says:

    Svetlana: Calendar sync is working. I had to open a port for Google calendar sync in my fire wall. I also had to go into Com Add-ins in outlook and enable calendar sync and disable windows slide show for calendar.

    This is a great post and discussion

  86. Paul says:

    Great article! I just moved to a new computer and was trying to figure out how to replace google calendar sync. gSyncit works even better!


  87. dkmangum70 says:

    Awesome post. I tried everything under the sun prior to visiting this post for syncing ONLY my Outlook 2007 Calendar with my Gmail Calendar. There are a million ways to out there to sync the other way but that wasn't doing the trick for my situation. Synqya, however, did the trick in one attempt and was fairly easy to set up.

  88. Sam says:

    Hi Svetlana,

    Here is another Free Calendar Sync software. You may add this to your free app list.

  89. Steve A says:

    Hello, and thank you for this great information. I installed gSyncit and am concerned with how slow the process is . I have never had a sync program that did not fly through the process. I have 300 contacts and it takes several seconds for each contact and also about 10 seconds for each contact with a photo even when there have been no changes. Is this normal?

  90. Stephen says:

    Thank you for this very simple and easy step by step guide. This had been bugging me for ages until i found your post.

  91. JP says:

    Many thanks for the tips and links!!! Installed and works very well.....why or why do "those folks" have to continue to screw with their users???

  92. Magnus Trönnberg says:

    A big Thank You to you, Svetlana!

  93. Max says:

    YES! Thank you!
    now i can see what our cubscouts are doing when my boss asks, are you busy next week.
    super easy too!

  94. Jo says:

    Thanks, that was very helpful!

  95. Sharon says:

    Thank you Svetlana. Your post has saved my day. I had to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 and thought I'd never get my calendar sync to work again.

  96. Paul says:


    Excellent piece of work, very generous of you to share, well done

    I have for many years been frustrated that I can't see what is in my work (company secured) MS-Outlook schedule calendar when arranging things in my personal (Google) calendar and to a lesser extent, vise versa

    Now I can. I have set up a monthly reminder to respectively export / import both calendars, which whilst not as perfect as real-time syncing, is a million times better than having to make tentative arrangements and then try to remember to check my work calendar the next time I am in the office....and then remember to firm up with my friends / family the previous 'tentative' status of our arrangements!

    well done you!

  97. CM says:

    Thank you for the link to sync outlook and google. Do you have an active blog for I would like to sign up and learn more from you.

  98. Feroz says:

    You are just great! I have tried so many of the ways but it didnt work until I have found your ways. Thanks. As it is only a "Read only" option, can you advise a way to make it workable to read/write also? Great help thanks.

  99. Ahmad says:

    Hi dear
    Thanks for this helpfull info, i was looking for quit long timd
    and it worked for me with outlook 2013 without any errors
    old good Google Calendar Sync

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