How to get Ablebits tabs in Excel

Two tabs, Ablebits Data and Ablebits Tools, are added to the Excel ribbon automatically after installation of Ultimate Suite. If you haven't done this yet, you can install a fully-functional trial version now to test 70+ time-saving tools that automate routine operations in Excel.

Upon installation, you will find two new tabs in your Excel:

Ablebits Data tab - contains the primary features to merge, deduplicate, split, extract and manage Excel data.
Ablebits Data tab in Excel

Ablebits Tools tab - contains additional tools and utilities to work with dates and times, transform, search, calculate, randomize, and more.
Ablebits Tools tab in Excel

No Ablebits tabs although Ultimate Suite is installed

If you have Ultimate Suite installed but the Ablebits tabs are still missing, the problem may be caused by Office or Windows updates. To make the Ablebits tabs show up on your Excel ribbon, try the troubleshooting solutions below.

Note. Not activated and unlicensed Microsoft Office does not run add-ins correctly.
Tip. If the Ablebits tabs have disappeared from your Excel all of a sudden, check if the add-in got disabled.

If none of these solutions was helpful, please contact us.

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