Repair Office

To bring back Ablebits tabs to Excel and fix other issues

Note. To repair Microsoft Office properly, make sure to select the Online Repair option, not Quick Repair.

Online Repair.

Please take the following steps to repair Microsoft Office.

  1. If you use Windows 10, go to the Start menu and click Settings:
    In the Start menu, click Settings.

    Tip. If you use other than Windows 10 versions, go to the Repair an Office application page, select your version and follow the instructions.
  2. Open Apps & features:
    Open Apps & features.
  3. In the list, find the Microsoft Office application and click the Modify button:
    Click the Modify button.
  4. In the dialog window, select the Online Repair option and click Repair:
    Online Repair.
  5. Confirm your readiness by clicking Repair again:
    Ready to start.
  6. When the repair is complete, restart your computer.

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