A safe way to remove blanks in Excel

When you import data to Excel, you can come across empty rows or columns, and your workbook may contain empty sheets. This small utility lets you get rid of those in a click.

How to delete blanks in Excel

Remove empty rows

If you need to delete blank rows, select a cell in the worksheet where you need to remove them, click the Delete Blanks icon in the Transform group on the Ablebits Tools tab, and choose the Empty Rows option from the drop-down list:
Get rid of all empty lines in a click.

First, you will get a notification message asking you to confirm the action:
Confirm the action to remove blank lines from the worksheet.

Click OK and see the number of removed rows:
A result message saying that 7 empty rows have been deleted.

Delete blank columns

To delete blank columns, select a cell in your table, click the Delete Blanks icon in the Transform group on the Ablebits Tools tab, and pick the Empty Columns option:
Quickly get rid of all empty columns in your worksheet.

A notification message will appear right away asking you to confirm the action:
Confirm if you want to remove empty columns from your worksheet.

Click OK and you'll see a confirmation with the number of deleted columns:
The tool found and got rid of 4 empty columns.

Get rid of blank worksheets

To remove empty sheets from your workbook, click the Delete Blanks icon in the Transform group on the Ablebits Tools tab and select Empty Sheets:
Click the corresponding option to delete empty tabs from your file.

See the number of blank sheets to be deleted and confirm the action by clicking OK:
2 empty worksheets will be removed from the file.


How do I delete columns that have a column headers in row 1 but no data from row 2 on?


Hello Hindy,

Thank you for your question. Our tool removes only the completely blank rows/columns. The only way to remove empty columns with headers would be by clearing the headers beforehand and then running our Remove Blanks.

Charles Bolton says:
June 23, 2020 at 7:12 pm


I want to recode missing cells to "Missing" globally. How do I do that?


Hi Charles,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm sorry but your task is not clear. Please send us a small sample workbook with your source data and the result you expect to get to support@ablebits.com. We'll look into your task and see if our software can help.


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