You click on buttons and nothing happens

Troubleshooting for Ultimate Suite for Excel

Suppose you've just installed Ultimate Suite or even have been using it for a while, and one day you start Excel, click on the Ablebits tabs, but tools do not start. Most often the problem is caused by Office or Windows updates. On this page, find the instructions on how to make Ablebits buttons clickable again.

Important! As we are unable to detect when your Windows or Office versions are updated, before taking the steps below, please restart your machine.
Note. Not activated and unlicensed Microsoft Office does not run add-ins correctly.

Solution 1. Disable Preview pane in File Explorer

First of all, check if the Preview pane is enabled on your machine and if so, disable it:
How to disable Preview pane in File Explorer

Solution 2. Use the .NET Framework Repair Tool

If disabling the Preview pane has not helped, let's try out the .NET Framework Repair Tool.
When you are finished, restart your machine, run Excel, and check if the Ablebits buttons are clickable. If they are still not, go to the next step to repair Microsoft Office.

Solution 3. Repair your Office

Follow the Repair your office guide. When the repair is complete, restart your computer. Then open Excel and check if the Ablebits tools start. If you click on the tabs and still nothing happens, please contact us.

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