Combine Sheets in Google Sheets

Merge data from two sheets in 5 simple steps

This add-on offers a great opportunity to consolidate data from many spreadsheets into one. Even if your tables differ in formatting, column order, or content, Combine Sheets will perfectly join everything you have in one table using the column headers. You dictate the add-on what sheets to compare, what to do with formatting, and where to put the results in two quick steps:

  • Combine as many spreadsheets as you need
  • Use entire sheet or adjust the range manually
  • Consider Google Sheets limit for 2 million cells
  • Select spreadsheets from Google Drive
  • Use the quick search
  • Transfer the formatting of the original datasets
  • Review the result in a new spreadsheet, sheet, or a range of your choice

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Select all the sheets you want to combine

Quickly gather the data from multiple sheets at one place

Our add-on is designed to assemble all the data you need in one place. It combines spreadsheets no matter their formats and contents. All you have to do is simply select all the sheets you want to merge, adjust a couple of settings to your needs, choose where to place the result, and get all the information at hand.

There's no need to prepare the data beforehand since the order of the columns is not important. Combine Sheets places the values from identically named columns into one. Other columns are added to the same table, allowing the add-on to create a single powerful summary table out of the scattered data.

A set of options to combine spreadsheets

Choose how to copy the data and where to place the result

The extension for Google Sheets consolidates datasets and puts them one under another. If your tables have headers, just tick off the corresponding option, and the add-on will combine the same columns together. For a better review, you can choose to add an empty row between those datasets that belong to different files. What's more, you decide whether you want to transfer not only data, but also its original formatting.


Run the add-on from Google Sheets menu
Select all the sheets you want to combine
Choose how to copy the data and where to place the result
See the result message when combining is over

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