Random Generator for Microsoft Excel

Generate random names and numbers from a custom list

Generating random sample data in Excel

You can use Random Generator to create and save custom lists with names, numbers, notions, and other data. Your list is added to the standard Excel custom list. Then you can use our tool as a random name generator to get a list of names in your worksheets. Or you can easily obtain a random sample for testing purposes in Excel 2016, 2013-2007.

Create a custom list of names, numbers or other data

  1. Select a range in your worksheet that you want to fill with custom list values at random.
  2. Expand the Custom list section in the Random Generator pane.
  3. You will see several standard Excel custom lists as well as the lists you created. Click on the necessary list.
  4. If you need to generate random custom list values without duplicates, tick the Unique values checkbox and all the generated values will be different. See Custom list section by clicking these arrows
  5. Click Generate and get random non-repeating names, numbers, etc. from your list.

Create a new custom list in Excel to pick a random sample

  1. Say you need to use this add-in for generating random samples. You can add your own custom list with any type of data to the custom list section.
  2. To add your custom list, select the range with the needed items in your worksheet: it can be a column, row or a block of cells with data, and click the New list button. Confirm your selection by clicking OK.
  3. Your new custom list will appear among others in the Custom list section.

Now you can use this list to generate any number of random names or get a sample of your data in Excel. To delete an outdated list, select it and click the Delete button.

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