Insert multiple pictures in your Excel table

The Insert Pictures add-in is designed to make your tables look presentable and enjoyable. See how to add images into Excel cells in one go with this small tool.

Video: How to insert multiple images in Excel

Before you start

Prepare your pictures by renaming them, since they will be put in the same A > Z order as stored on your PC.

How to insert pictures into Excel column

  1. Open your Excel file where you want to add images.
  2. Select the uppermost cell of the column for pictures.
  3. Find and click the Insert Pictures icon in the Utilities group on the Ablebits Tools tab:
    Insert Pictures icon on the Ablebits Tools tab.
  4. Select Vertically and choose one of three size options for your pictures:
    Add images vertically and choose their future size.

    • Fit to Cell will adjust the size of each picture to the height of each cell.
      Tip. Make sure to change the height of the cells (if you need to) before choosing this option so that the images are sized as you need.
    • The add-in can also change the height of each cell, so they correspond to the height of each picture. For that, click the Fit to Image option.
      Note. The maximum cell height in Excel is 546 pixels. If some images are larger, they will be resized accordingly. If this happens, you will see a notification message right after pictures are inserted:
      A message saying that some images are too large.
    • If you choose to Specify Height, you will get a pop-up window allowing you to enter the desired height in pixels. The add-in will resize both, your pictures and Excel cells in accordance with the entered number. Set the value you need and click Next.
      Specify height of both, images and Excel cells.

      Tip. There's no need to keep the maximum cell height in mind. If you enter a bigger number, the add-in will let you know:
      You'll get a note if the entered value exceeds the limit.
  5. Pick the images you need via the Select files window:
    Select files window for you to choose images.

    Tip. Keep Ctrl pressed on your keyboard to choose certain pictures. Or press Ctrl + A to select all images at once.
  6. Click the Open button and enjoy your visually appealing table with pictures.

How to insert pictures into Excel row

To position images in a row go to Insert Pictures > Horizontally on the Ablebits Tools tab and then repeat the same steps as described above:
Add multiple pictures horizontally.

The only difference is that when you insert pictures in a row, you should consider image and cell width rather than height.

Note. Please remember that the maximum cell width in Excel is limited to 1793 pixels. If some pictures are larger, they will be resized accordingly. In this case, the add-in will notify you with a corresponding message:
The message you'll see if some images are too large.


I have problem with inserting picture..
When insert picture automatically the will be a copy of my sheet, so if I add 10 picture there will be totally 11 sheet.
Could you advise me what to do please?


Hello Mohammed,

Thank you for the comment. Please click on the add-in's icon and uncheck the Back up the worksheet option. Thank you.

Vikas Nautiyal says:
April 4, 2019 at 3:31 am

Is it possible to specify the both height & width both before inserting the pictures.



Thank you for your question, Vikas.

No, at the moment you can't specify both height and width for inserted images.
I will forward this idea to our developers though and they will see if it's technically possible to implement the feature to one of the future version of the tool.

Thank you.



Is it possible to insert images from a URL in a cell ?




Hi Domenico,
Thank you for the question but no, unfortunately, the tool does not let you insert images from URL.

Please do not hesitate to ask any other questions!


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