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Ultimate Suite for Microsoft Excel

70+ professional tools to accomplish any task impeccably without errors or delays. Combined into one well-optimized set, the add-ins will help you merge tables, compare worksheets, remove duplicates, concatenate strings, clean data, and a lot more.
For desktop Excel included in Microsoft 365 and Excel 2021 – 2016.

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EditionVersionDateFree download
Personal edition
2024.1.344324-Oct-23Download as .exe fileDownload as .zip file
Business edition
For Terminal server users edition
Download the Cheat Sheet (.pdf file) for Ultimate Suite for Excel

Shared Email Templates for Outlook 365, 2021 – 2016

With this tool, you can create and use Outlook email templates on your PC or Mac with desktop Outlook, or on tablet, opening the Outlook online version in browser. Moreover, you can share your templates with colleagues and manage user permissions for them.

Auto BCC for Outlook

Auto BCC for Outlook adds a BCC (blind carbon copy) and/or a CC address automatically for all outgoing emails that correspond to the rules that you create. Works with desktop Outlook included in Microsoft 365, Outlook 2021 – 2016.

EditionVersionDateFree download
Business edition

Link Checker for Word

A speedy solution for managing links in your Microsoft Word document.
Works with desktop Word included in Microsoft 365, Word 2021 – 2016.

EditionVersionDateFree download