Link Checker for Word: Known issues

Below you will find a list of issues that you may encounter when working with Link Checker for Word.
If the problem you are having is not described here, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to report it to us or email straight to

ID Issue
19213 There is a Word bug because of which Sync Selection may work incorrectly in some cases.
19220 During the link search, the Word window may not refresh for a few moments.
19395 The add-in does not work in Read Mode.
19486 The add-in does not support searching in non-contiguous areas of a document.
19502 When a link leading to a bookmark in another document is followed, the bookmark is not selected in the open file.
19532 When the add-in checks links leading to bookmarks in another Word document that also contains links to other files, Microsoft Word shows the message: "This document contains links that may refer to other files. Do you want to update this document with the data from the linked files?" You need to click 'Yes' or 'No' to proceed.
19583 Comments, endnotes, footnotes, and text frames are not processed in the current build of the add-in.
19782 A shape with a link on it located in a header or footer may appear unselected when you go to it from the add-in pane.
19798 When navigating through links in the add-in pane with the Sync option turned on, the Word window and the add-in pane may flicker, and the target link may not be selected in the document.


I am considering purchasing your product. I work from home via VPN. I write and maintain standard operating procedures (SOPs) for my company. Most of the links in our SOPs go to our company intranet or individual team's SharePoint site. If I use your link checker product, will all these links come up as suspicious or "dead", which would defeat the purpose of purchasing/using your product

Hello Fanny,

Thank you for contacting us.

Link Checker processes both internal and external links. Yet, if you are not sure if your internal links will be processed correctly, you can install the tool and use it in a trial mode for 30 days. Thank you.

Just a suggestion...

It is rather irritating that the maximum size of the Link Checker panel is fixed and it isn't possible to see all the columns in full.

I have the luxury of two screens - but stretching Word across both screens doesn't permit me to see any more of the Link Checker panel.

It would also be useful if the panel could be un-docked and relocated elsewhere on the screen.


Ken Toll

Hello Ken,

Thank you for your comment. I've forwarded your suggestion to our developers, they will look into the possibility to increase the maximum size of the add-in pane. In the meantime, you can select all links on the pane (Ctrl + A), copy to the clipboard (Ctrl + C), and paste them to some other application for further analysis.

As for relocating the pane, unfortunately, we won't be able to support it.

Unsure if this is a bug or just confusing operation.
Link Checker doesn't seem to like the structure of the email addresses I use in Word documents
In the side panel, I get a question mark against all email addresses in the document.
For each of them , the code at the bottom of the screen is:
WLC0019: The structure of the email address is invalid.
Searching your FAQ pages for WLC0019 does not bring up any result.

If I click on the 'Check Link' Icon the link is tested and I get a popup message:

1 links have been checked
Invalid links: 0
Questionable links: 0

and the question mark is removed.

So why does it think the think the structure of the email address is invalid?


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