How to enter the same data (formula) into all selected cells at a time

In this quick tip you will learn about 2 fast ways to enter the same formula or text into several Excel cells at a time. It is very useful if you need to insert the formula to all cells in a column or fill all blank cells in a table with the same value (e.g. "N/A"). Both tricks work in Microsoft Excel 365 - 2007.

Knowing these simple techniques will save you a lot of time that you can spend on more enjoyable things.

Select all the cells where you want to enter the same data

Here are the quickest ways you can select cells:

Select the entire column

  • If your data are in a full-fledged Excel table, just click on any cell in the column and press Ctrl+Space.
  • If you have a simple range (when you click on any cell with the data, you don't see "Table Tools" tab in the top-right corner of the Excel ribbon): You'll see Table tools only if your data are formatted as Excel table

    Note: Unfortunately, simply pressing Ctrl+Space will select all the cells in the column, i.e. from C1 to C1048576, even if only cells C1-C100 contain data.

    Put the cursor to the first cell in the column (or the second one if your Table has headers), then press Shift+Ctrl+End to go to the end of your table, hold Shift and press the Left key repeatedly until only the needed column gets selected.

    This is the fastest way to select all the cells in the column, especially if the column contains several blank cells between the data.

Select the entire row

  • If your data are in a full-fledged Excel table, just click on any cell in the row and press Shift+Space.
  • If you have a simple range, click on the last cell in the row, then press Ctrl + Home.

Select several cells

Hold Ctrl and left-click on all cells that you want to fill with data.

Select the whole table

Click on any cell in your table and then press Ctrl+A.

Select all cells in a worksheet

Press Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+A again.

Select blank cells within a certain area (row, column, table)

Select the area you need (see below), e.g. the whole column. Select the column that contains blank cells

Press F5 to bring up the "Go To" dialog and click on the Special… button in that dialog. Click the Special button in the Go To dialog

Select the "Blanks" radio button in the "Go To special" window and click OK. Select the Blanks radio button in the 'Go To special' window

You will get back to Excel and see that only blank cells in the selected area are highlighted. That's right; it is faster to select 3 blank cells by clicking on them with your mouse cursor. But what if you have more than 300 blanks randomly distributed between 10000 cells :)?

The fastest way to insert a formula into the entire column

You have a large table and you want to add a new column with some formula. For example, you get a list of links (new backlinks to :) ) and you want to extract the domain names from these links for further work. Extract a part of a value using formulas in the next column

  1. Convert your range to an Excel table. Select any cell within your data range and press Ctrl+T to bring the "Create Table" dialog (the shortcut is Ctrl+L in Excel 2003). If your data have column titles, make sure the checkbox "My table has headers" is selected. Usually Excel recognizes your table headers automatically, if not, check this checkbox manually. Make sure your table headers are identified
  2. Insert a new column into your table. It is a lot easier to add a new column to a table than to a simple data range. Just click on any cell in the column next to where you want to add a new one and choose Insert > Table Column to the Right ( or "Table Column to the Left"). It is easy to insert a table column
  3. Name the newly added column.
  4. Enter your formula in the first cell of the new column. I'll use the following formula for extracting domain names in my example: =MID(c2,FIND(":",c2,"4")+3,FIND("/",c2,9)-FIND(":",c2,"4")-3) Enter your formula into the first cell
  5. Press Enter. Voila! Excel automatically fills all blank cells down your column with the same formula Excel automatically fills in the column cells with your formula

    If you want to switch back from a table to a simple range for some reason (I don't know any :) ), select any cell in your table, then press the "Convert to range" button on the Design tab. Convert your table back to range

You can apply this tip only if all cells in the column are blank, so the best way is to add new columns. The next tip is universal.

Insert the same data into multiple cells using Ctrl+Enter

Select the cells that you want to fill with the same data in your Excel worksheet. Please see the tips above for quick data selection.

Say, we have a table with a list of our customers (this is a fake list, of course :) ). There is a column listing the websites from which our customers come. We want to fill the blank cells with "_unknown_" to make filtering easier in the future: We want to enter Unknown into blank cells

  1. Select all the blank cells in a column. Quickly select all blanks in a column
  2. Press F2 to edit the last selected cell and type some data: it can be text, a number, or a formula (e.g. "_unknown_") Enter the data into the last selected cell
  3. Press Ctrl+Enter instead of Enter. All the selected cells will be filled with the data that you typed. Have all cells filled in with the entered value

If you know more tricks that speed up data input, please share them in the comments. I'll be happy to add them with your authorship to this article.


  1. Thankyou for explaining the method ....filling same number in multiple cells is what i was looking for and got it in your website ..great going

  2. Hi, i was wondering if you can help. I have a list of website links, lets say they all begin with this "" and after "play" its the name of the game (the full link might look like this : www. , www., www. etc.)
    I don't initialy have them on the spreadsheet and need to introduce them BUT, I do have the column with the game name (random-game-1, new-random-game-1,random-game-2 etc. ) So the spreadsheet is like this Col A = Full Marketing Name, Col B = random-game-name, Col C = Website links
    If I copy the text "www." in a random cell outside these columns, how can I use that in a formula that automatically copies "" + then adds "random-game-name" from Col B?

  3. Is there any way to add "text", for multiple cells, like I want to add colons and comma before and after the text,

  4. Hi,

    Is there anyway that i can get one cell (B17) to paste into another cell (G17) when clicking a cell (A1)?

    Thank you

  5. Looking to be able to put same data in two cells using either cell as the data entry cell.

    A5 is a numbered cell that will change on occasion. In another part of the sheet cell Q5 represents the same data as cell A5. I want to be able to change that data in either cell.
    Today A5 and Q5 would be the number 10, but tomorrow I need them to be changed to 12 but I don't want to have to go to each cell to make the change because the two cells will always be equal to each other. I'd also like to be able to make the change in either location and have the other cell change automatically too.

    • Hi!
      Have you tried the ways described in this blog post? If they don’t work for you, then please describe your task in more detail, I’ll try to suggest a solution.

    • in Q5, type = and click on A5. Whatever you type into A5 will be duplicated into Q5.

      • O, the kind soul!
        I have been looking for that simple advice for hours and here it is!!!
        Thank you very much!!!

  6. Hi, can anyone tell me what command I can use to copy data of one cell to an entire single row. Basically, I want to achieve the below steps with command.

    Move or copy cells
    Select the cells or range of cells that you want to move or copy.

    Point to the border of the cell or range that you selected.

    When the pointer becomes a Hand pointer , do one of the following:


    Do this

    Move cells

    Drag the cells to another location.

    Copy cells

    Hold down OPTION and drag the cells to another location.

  7. Hi everyone,

    I have a spreadsheet with date columns. How do I input the same date in the column (i.e. C2:C20) without the date automatically increasing numerically every cell


  8. I have a row of data with different number values and I just to simply add 5 in each cell. Example I have 96 in A1 and 10 in A2 and want to add 5 so they will become 101 and 15. How can I do that without typing or calculating manually? Please help!

  9. Hello, I have to add one line (5 cells A-E) into many Excel files (150+).
    Is there a way to insert this line "at the end"/after the last entry in the A-column in all of these files simultaneously?
    Thanks and best

  10. Good day, I had an column for address info E3:E7 I need that info to display in different rows example: b16, b27 etc what will the formula be for this?

    • Hello!
      I hope you have studied the recommendations in the above tutorial. You can also use the "=" operator to refer to a cell. Describe in detail what problem you have, and I will try to help you

  11. Hi,
    Can someone guide me in this.

    I have my required data in cell A5:A10, and i want to repeat the same data as many times as mentioned in cell A1.How can i do that.

    Example... Suppose I have 3 written in A1 cell, then my data should be data should be copied and pasted 3 times.

    • Hello Raj!
      Automatically 3 times to copy and paste data using VBA. But even in this case, you must indicate where exactly the data should be inserted. The program cannot know where exactly you want to insert data 3 times.

  12. Hi All,

    I need help on below task

    Column 1 Column 2

    204 A
    204 A
    204 A
    205 B
    205 B
    205 B
    206 C
    206 C
    207 D

    I want to fill all blank cell with slimier data like all against 204 need "A" and all against 205 need "B" and so on

    • Hello!
      If I understand your task correctly, please try the following formula:


      I hope this will help, otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

  13. Please i need help.
    i need to copy line 1 to line 2, line 3 to line 4 and so on. i have 2,000 lines. is there a short cut or formula to do it. thanks
    1 I.1.001
    3 I.2.001
    5 I.3.001
    7 I.3.002
    9 I.4.001
    11 I.4.002
    13 I.5.002
    15 I.6.001
    17 I.7.001
    19 I.7.002

  14. how to make a data enter in one cell and in order (number) form?
    1. baywalk
    2. pavement
    3. porch

  15. hi,
    Is there a formula that I enter the entries in one general ledger and the particular entries be also added in another ledger.
    like in a general ledger I make many entries of cash coming in and out but I want all the entries against Karachi knitting be automatically posted to a special Karachi knitting ledger...?

    • Hi. I wanted to know if this can be done too. Have you found a way to do this?

  16. i have a excel sheet containing following data i want to all column repeat as per no. of quantity and Amount should be divided by no. of quantity.

    Sr. No. Item Name Item Code Qty Amount
    1 Chair 110002 35 35000
    2 Table 110003 500 500000
    3 Computer 500010 45 1500000

  17. Thanks for the awesome help/info. As much as I know about Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, I know very little about Excel.

    All the best!


  18. I do not want to reprogram the op system by entering the code RTf&86hhk//%"/I2873298j&/%¤w80+ in three different crypt modes in the register editor, divide that with my email adress and run it through my coffee brewer mixed with a copper penny and put it all in my shoe, then spit three times over my left shoulder while sharing the results of all this with everyone in else the whole world who happens to be on line and then finally plant a magic bean outside my bedroom window and slowly watch as it grows into a beautiful magic horse with wings in order to make this work.

    All I want to do is to copy the content of one Excel cell and paste it into two (or more) other cells of my choice, and seriously; how hard should it be?

    1. Mark the cell/value
    2. Copy
    3. Mark the cells you want to paste to
    4. Paste

    Something like that maybe?
    Well forget it Jake, it's Microsoft...

  19. hii , i need to add a date in all cells of column C , and column c already contains some data which is not identical in all cells and i dont want to delete the data which is already in there.

  20. Thanks

  21. Is there any one to help me with some excel formulas

  22. Hello sir,
    I Have a Question to you
    There is data in C1= Aman, C2= Roshan, C3= 10litter, C9= 1 Bike
    i want that all data gose in other colaum A1 which is "Aman,Roshan,10litter, 1Bike " Is it Possible

    • Aman:
      I would use the CONCATENATE function like this:
      In A1 enter =CONCATENATE(C1,",",C2,",",C3,",",C9)

  23. Thank you so much.


    A1 B1 C1 D1

    C B A A



  25. Hi All,

    I need help on below task

    Column 1 Column 2

    204 A
    204 A
    204 A
    205 B
    205 B
    205 B
    206 C
    206 C
    207 D

    I want to fill all blank cell with slimier data like all against 204 need "A" and all against 205 need "B" and so on

    Thank in Advance

  26. is there a way to enter same data in 2 different cells that are not in the same column? I have a service contract with guest counts that i would like the data to auto populate on the 2nd cell to minimize errors or forgetting to change the data. Also this data is associated with a formula to calculate total $ amount per guest. example below: I would like to have D20 to auto fill when data is input on I8. J20 have a formula =Sum(I8*H20).

    I'm trying to screen shot the data however it is not allowing me to do so. Please email me thanks

  27. Trivendra:
    To concatenate a number to another number and retain the number format so that you can work with the final number as a number and not text, concatenate the cells like this:
    Where 91 is in A1 and 8889347606 is in B1 enter in C1 =Value(A1&B1)
    Be sure A1, B1 and C1 are formatted as Number or General.

  28. Hi, please solve my quiry
    if we have a list of numbers in excel as below and i would like to add 91 before every number in excel in a huge data then how can i add 91 before every number in one time.


    • Hi, please solve my quiry
      if we have a list of numbers in excel as below and i would like to add 91 before every number in excel in a huge data then how can i add 91 before every number in one time.


  29. Please does anyone has report card template for primary and high schools? I've tried all these procedures I saw above without any suitable result. I need to fill in single formula for 50 empty columns, but it failed to go through, help me with simplest procedure.

  30. Against one part no. I hav 4 rows & 8 coloumn. In first 4 rows i hav entered formulas.

    Now i have to copy these 4 rows containg all col. Against all 1200 part nos.

    Please tell how its possible in short cut

    Thanks in advance

  31. I have a data as
    a b c d

    I want same in next sheet as under (as link via drudging way)

    • Dear Zahoor,

      Please copy your data & Special paste as transform.

  32. my question is i have a column which data havelike this
    and i want result like this

  33. excel have


    it need change into

    3. cccd

    how can i applied each raws in excel in betweeneach names

    • Hello,

      Please try to solve your task with the “Create Cards” tool which is a part of our Ultimate Suite for Excel. You can download and install its fully functional 14-day trial version using this direct link.
      After installation you’ll find Create Cards in the Transform section under the Ablebits Tools tab in the Excel Ribbon. To get the result you need, please run the add-in and choose the following options in the add-in dialog box:

      1. Set 1 in the “Number of columns” field;
      2. Uncheck the “By empty row” box;
      3. Check the “Add header” box;
      Then press the Create button. Go to the resulting worksheet and select all the data in the sheet. Run the add-in again and select the following options:
      4. Set 1 in the “Number of columns” field;
      5. Uncheck the “By empty row” and “Add header” boxes;
      6. Press “Create”.

      Hope this will help you.

  34. Hi,

    I have a data which i want to paste it for multiple times, Data includes with 250 employee payroll Date, Emp Name, Department, No of Days worked - the entire data should be pasted for no of days in a month & excluding date column. Is there any specific formula to come out of this please help.

  35. Hi,

    Is there any way to have the number of person in every 30 minute interval just by referring to the staff schedule? To explain further, I have a date of staff work schedule :


    and so on...

    I need to get the number of staff per 30 minute interval,


    Can you please help?

  36. 310399.166 -79X215-11-1 A001 1.0 EN 50306-2 300V M 1.0mm² (5303931) YE B1 A

    310399.166 -XK65-X342/188 A001 1.0 EN 50306-2 300V M 1.0mm² (5303931) YE B1 A

    I wanna to cut this cell -XK65-X342/188 and paste in the first row like this way

    (310399.166 -79X215-11-1 -XK65-X342/188 A001 1.0 EN 50306-2 300V M 1.0mm² (5303931) YE B1 A)

      • step 1: select the data
        step 2: go to data then text to columns
        step 3: go to fixed length &cut as required

  37. hey,
    I have excel sheet each 2 rows have the same data unless one cell, I wanna cut this cell and paste it in the first rows .
    unforunatlly I can't upload an example.

  38. I am working on a database and want to put back to back same dates in column A. Example
    Monday, August 21, 2017
    Monday, August 21, 2017

    For the entire year. What is the best way to accomplish this?

    • I figured it out v-lookup on a separate sheet with two calendar years in back to back rolls.

  39. hi, im creating a template that contains form that needs to be answered and then the next sheet will prepare the print page.

    everything goes smoothly, including name address and contact informations. when i input them on the template page and it will appear on the print page.
    i use the =REPT('input page'!J9,1) (sample) formula

    the only problem is the date: every time i input the date, it will not appear exactly as it is formatted. (by the day i use Excel for Windows Date Picker

  40. I have a data sheet which contains multiple counts of data which were entered as numeric values e.g. A1 has a numeric value of 230 which must each be entered individually 230 times before the next cell A2 with a numeric of 30 times.
    that datasheet has 197 rows filled with data amounting to 2058 numeric values.
    How can I duplicate each one to their numeric values without using those complex excel formulae?

  41. I have a worksheet of approx 2000 lines just for one distribution center. I have to take the data and split into two rows one dc to show 70% and the other 30 however the data stays the same just the percent changes . Is it a pivot table.

  42. I have a worksheet of approx 2000 just for one distribution center. I have to take the data and split into two rows one dc 70% and the other 30 however the data stays the same just the percent stays . Is it a pivot table.

  43. Hi, I have an excel worksheet we use for daily retail business paperwork. It has 3 sheets with Daily Toatals, monthly Totals and Yearly Totals. I have to input data in Daily first, then copy and paste it into Monthly and yearly updates by simple formulas. I don't have extensive knowledge of excel, let alone Visual Basic. I would like for the Monthly sheet to update itself as it recognize the date on the daily sheet. Searched it a lot online but couldn't find anything other than some VB examples which went straight above my head. Can you help me. I appreciate that

  44. I have a huge dataset and I am doing content-mapping. I want to know if I can insert a particular data in all the columns which has the same last word in its left column.

  45. Hi Alex,

    I have a data in multiple Columns, Eg - A coloumn I have data like 54% in B column data like 60%, How can I add the both values in single colums 54%,60% in D column.

    Please help me on this.

  46. Seems like Alexander sucks! He still hasn't answered the question. What a loser!!

  47. Hi,

    I am stuck in a problem where I have 36 records and another set of 227 records. I need to paste one each of 36 against 227 records i.e. my total rows will be 227*36 = 8172 rows. I want to know a faster way to get the data sets ready

    Below Example shows how the records will be visible:

    Column1 Column2

    Mumbai 123
    Mumbai 234
    Mumbai 345
    Mumbai 456
    Chennai 123
    Chennai 234 and so on

  48. HAI SIR


  49. I came to this post while looking for a way to copy a range of cells with formula to another range of the same size.
    My solution was to Replace = with xx= and then copy the text freely from place to place. Then when ready with corrections (just needed to change the name of the sheet references) I did the opposite transformation and replaced the xx= with = and voila!

    I like your site - had come to it many times in search of tricks for faster work with Excel.
    Thank you for your wonderful work!
    Hope my little tip can enrich your content!

  50. Apple computer, using Mac2011 Excel.
    I have a column of dates, more than 4,000 cells, that I need to insert just the month and year.
    With just the month and year I can create a pivot table to compare September 2015 with September 2016.
    Is there an easy quick way to insert the month and year into these cells so the pivot table just sees or uses the month and year, not the actual day of the month?

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