Table Styles for Google Sheets – version 2.0. What's new?

Table Styles has been a part of our Google Sheets arsenal for a long time. The time has come: the time for a major upgrade :) Version 2.0 brings a fresh simplified design (way better and user-friendlier looks) and opens up new possibilities to format your Google tables.

Tip. Install Table Styles from the Google store to try everything out.

New style sets

All new style sets.

The first thing that will catch your eye — lots of new style patterns! We designed multiple new style sets featuring various shades and colors. Some of them may even remind your favorite movie or a video game ;) 

All in all, you have 52 built-in styles ready to be used as is, tailored to your needs and saved as your custom sets.

All patterns are grouped into 6 types based on their color themes: practical, monochrome, light, juicy, contrasting and even dark.

We believe even the most demanding Google Sheets users will find something to their liking. Go ahead and prove us wrong ;)

More formatting tools

Format & apply borders.

You can finally format borders:

  • change their colors using the built-in color palette.
  • change their styles: solid, dotted, dashed, or double.

There's also an addition to the horizontal alignment: the automatic type. Set the default horizontal alignment.

Use it and the values in your Google table will be automatically aligned based on their format just as they normally do in spreadsheets, e.g. numbers to the right and text to the left.

Style parts of the tables

Style only the selected table elements.

However neat the whole style is, you probably don't always want to apply it to your entire table. 

The new version makes it possible to style only particular table element(s) from the chosen style set: font, its size/formatting/color, fill colors, borders, horizontal/vertical alignment, and text wrapping.

Fresh looks

All Table Styles settings in one pane.

We redesigned the add-on completely! It now keeps up with the updated Google Sheets design. But what's more important — you get access to any setting from just one window — without any extra steps. Enjoy! :)

Edit multiple table elements at once

Select and edit multiple table parts.

We get it — some parts of your table may share formatting, for instance, the font color in the left and right columns. And we agree — applying the same formatting to each part is unreasonable.

That's why you need the 2.0 version. It lets you select all necessary elements and format them all at once. Awesome!

More fonts available

More fonts are available.

The updated add-on has more fancy, simple and funny fonts so you could personalize your styles. Let us know if there are still some you're missing ;)

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