Ablebits add-ons for Google Docs: Release notes

Below you'll find the information about the latest releases of our add-ons for Google Docs. Release notes showcase new features & improvements, many of which are implemented by your requests :)

Doc Tools

Tip. Install Doc Tools from the Google store and try the latest tools with other 5M+ users!

April 2024 — version 2.1

NEW: Easy Mail Merge in Google Docs

With this spring upgrade, we welcome another tool aboard: Easy Mail Merge! Easy Mail Merge in Doc Tools for Google Docs.

Note. At the moment, the tool is available only as part of the Doc Tools collection. The standalone version is coming soon.

It lets you do a mail merge in Google Docs easily while sending personalized emails from your Gmail. Here's what you'll be able to do:

  • Craft email templates in Google Docs and connect with mailing lists from Google Sheets: Mail merge from Google Sheets to Google Docs.
  • Use column names from a mailing list to tailor your email templates and pull personalized information for each recipient, ensuring each email sent is as unique as its receiver: Create personalized email messages.
  • Send mail merge from your Gmail including attachments or directly shared personalized files: Attach or share files directly for your mail merge in Google Docs.
  • Monitor your campaign's success with simple status updates right in your mailing list: See delivery status and status details.

You will find more details on how to use this add-on and set up easy mail merges from Google Docs in this tutorial.

IMPROVED: Upper case support for Styles

To make your headings in all caps, you no longer need to type them this way in the document. Now you have a special button to turn your style elements to UPPERCASE: Turn selected headings to uppercase.

IMPROVED: Quick search for style to import

When importing styles, yoo can quickly locate them in your Drive by their name using the Search field at the top of the Import window: Quick search across your Drive for the styles by their names.

November 2023 — version 2.0

Good news, everyone! Our Doc Tools add-on is no longer flying solo — it's now a collection of tools for Google Docs! Alongside our classic one-click features, we've added 2 new tools to brighten your document experience:

  • Styles to customize your documents with your unique flare.
  • Search & Navigate for seamless document surfing.

3 add-ons in Doc Tools.

NEW: Styles

Styles will become your creative companion in Google Docs. It will help you add a touch of elegance and consistency to your documents with the proper, individual styles.
Styles add-on as part of Doc Tools.

Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Create custom styles. Unleash your creativity by crafting styles from scratch. Add custom elements like quotes and descriptions, and format them uniquely.
  • Use 20+ pre-designed styles (categorized into formal, practical, classic, and elegant groups). Preview them in full size and apply them entirely or partially to your document.
  • Edit styles. Adjusts fonts, sizes, colors, formatting, and alignment as per your chosen style:
    Edit styles in Doc Tools.
  • Share your styles (collaboration). Easily save your custom styles to Google Drive, import them for future use, or share them with friends and teammates:
    Save your styles to your Drive or import back to the tool.

NEW: Search & Navigate

This tool simplifies your document navigation. It's a breeze to find and jump to any part of your document like:

  • Links
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Bookmarks
  • Headings
  • Or searched words & phrases throughout your document

Search & Navigate in Doc Tools.

IMPROVED: Enjoy new design

Doc Tools has now fresh, intuitive face. With clean lines and a user-friendly layout, it integrates our exciting new features — Styles and Search & Navigate — seamlessly. It's all about enhancing your Google Docs experience :)

IMPROVED: Erase certain colors

A single click on the tool icon now removes the color featured on the icon (the one you select in its drop-down) rather than all colors in the selection.

No worries, you can still remove all colors with a click if necessary:
Eraser for different color including for all colors.

Still missing any features? Let us know in the comments!


The Styles add-on for Google Docs has been a popular tool for customizing the appearance of your documents. Install it from the Google Workspace Marketplace and enjoy with other 350K+ users!

August 2023 — version 2.2

  • NEW: Share custom styles. You can now save your own styles as files to your Drive to share them with other people. Also, import styles from Drive to the add-on.
    Save your styles to your Drive or import back to the tool.
  • IMPROVED: Certain UX and UI improvements make it clear for you to save the changes made to the styles. If you close the add-on without saving the changes, you'll be able to do so next time you run the tool.

May 2023 — version 2.1

  • NEW: Add custom font colors by entering their hex codes in a special field and use them to style your documents.
  • IMPROVED: If you select a particular text within the paragraph, only the formatting of this selection will be changed according to the chosen style heading.

March 2023 — version 2.0

NEW: Create your own styles

That's right, the feature you've all been waiting for :) You can create your own custom styles!
Create new style from scratch or pick it from your document.

Start from scratch or use one of the styles already in your document and make the necessary changes to it. After you've made your perfect style, save it for the later use — it'll appear in the Custom group:
See all custom styles in one group.

We can't wait for you to try this feature out and create lots of amazing styles! :)

Tip. This part of the add-on help page will help you get started.

NEW: Edit existing styles

Another awesome feature is coming right up! Edit our pre-supplied and your own custom styles, as well as individual elements within those styles:
Edit entire style and its individual elements.

Lots of formatting possibilities are at your disposal:

  • Change font, its size, formatting, color, alignment, spacing and indentation.
  • Create your custom elements for quotes, descriptions and other things your text may contain.
  • Format each element separately or a few at a time.
  • Save those changes as a new style or overwrite the existing one.


Well now you can truly make your documents look unique and tailored to your needs!

And if you decide you don't like the changes you've made to the style pattern, you can easily revert back to its original form:
Reset the edited style to default.

Tip. Learn all the details about editing styles here.

IMPROVED: New sleek design

We redesigned the Styles add-on completely to make it more intuitive and accessible — hence, convenient. Everything is right where you need it. You will be able to create, edit & apply styles in just a few clicks.

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