How to get more Google Docs templates

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When you go to the Add-ons store in Google Docs or Google Sheets to find some missing feature, you may actually get lost in the diversity of the products on offer. It's not that easy to look through so many add-ons, let alone try each one. How do you find real time-savers?

This is the question we are determined to answer. This post will start a series of reviews in which I will try different add-ons available in the store and focus on the features they provide, the ease of work, price, and feedback.

When it comes to customizing your document or spreadsheet for a particular purpose, there's no need to re-invent the wheel for typical documents like an invoice, brochure, or resume. The choice of templates is not limited by the standard ones you see when you create a new file. Let's look at the products that offer worthy supplements and let you work with custom files more efficiently.

How to get more Google Docs templates

When you create a document that is supposed to become a resume or a newsletter draft, where do you start? With a template of course. They are great at helping you avoid procrastination, overcome the writer's block, and at saving some time with formatting the headings and colors.

Let's look at four add-ons that create common documents and let you customize them.

Template Gallery

If you are trying to get a big choice of absolutely different docs templates, you will be happy to have this add-on at hand. The authors of Google Docs Template Gallery, Vertex42, created a similar product for every popular platform. Over the years they have managed to gather a pretty decent collection of professional templates that you can browse once you get the add-on. It is very simple in the way you interact with it: find the doc template you need and receive a copy of it in your drive.
Get a big choice of Google Docs templates

Besides, the tool is universal. If you use Google Apps a lot, you don't even need to get a separate Google Sheets Template Gallery add-on because it allows you to select templates for either platform from the same window. It may be a bit misleading when you search for a Google Docs invoice template only to see it in a spreadsheet. However, a preview is there to help you, as well as the "type" drop-down list that filters all templates.
Sheets and docs templates in one place

When looking for a template by any keyword, you need to click the "Go" button next to the field, as the usual "Enter" key won't work. Some templates look a bit old-school, but we can also call them classic. Once you pick a template, click the "Copy to Google Drive" button, and you will be able to open this document right from the same window. Here is what you see when you select your Google Docs resume template:
Google Docs resume template

In general, this is a very simple, useful, and free add-on that provides a good starting point for your work. The reviews are all positive, no wonder it has attracted half a million users by now!

VisualCV Resume Builder

Though you get four standard resume templates in Google Docs, you're likely to find a well-designed and thought-through template that you will like with this add-on.
Resume templates in Google Docs

It is a part of a service, so it goes beyond offering sample resumes, it guides you through the process with a set of welcoming emails and advanced options.

Once you run the add-on, you can create a profile and import existing pdf, Word document, or even LinkedIn records. Since it is connected to the service, your profile will let you use the same information for other resume templates. If it's a one-time task, you can ignore the button "Create Resume Profile", simply use the link below to "Create a blank resume" and open the new file in a few seconds.
Create new resume from template

You will quickly notice that some resume templates are locked until you get a pro version for at least 3 months. If you'd like to unlock them, it will cost USD 12 per month. Not cheap for an add-on, but it is actually a bit more than that: you can get assistance with your CV or resume, multiple profiles, track CV views... These options make it a tool for job search, not just a source of Google Docs resume template.

Customizing Google Docs templates

If you often replace the same fields in a document, the possibility to automate the process will be very helpful. This is exactly what the following two add-ons do.


The add-on is very simple, and it has the potential to save you a lot of time.

Say, you have a Google Docs template that you fill in from time to time. It can be a template email for organizing an interview, so you need to replace the name, position, place, and date each time. CustomDoc automates this task in a very simple way.

Once you get it, you can learn how to work with it right from the menu. It uses a simple tag of two dollar signs before the customized word. Your steps are simple: enter $$Hint in those places of the document where you need to change values, e.g. $$Name, $$Position, etc. Then go to "Add-ons - CustomDoc - Create new" to substitute new values:
Customize template documents

Enter all variables, and let the add-on create a new document without spoiling your template. CustomDoc is free, but you can also donate as a way of thanking the authors.

Doc Variables

Doc Variables is a similar tool that you can keep open in a sidebar. It uses multiple tags, a simple ${Hint} as well as more complex combinations with double colons that add a date, a drop-down list with possible options, and a text area. All the details and an example are there right when you start the add-on. Once you set up the variables in your document, you can use it as a template for entering new values and getting a copy of the document as soon as you click "Apply".
Substitute your values in template docs

It's a free and pretty handy tool for work with any Google Docs templates.

How to get more Google Sheets templates

What about spreadsheets? Whether you are trying to write a report or an invoice in Google Sheets, chances are there are ready proofread documents that look a lot better than our attempts to create them from scratch.

Template Gallery

When you know the purpose of your table, take a look at the variety of Google Sheet templates provided here first. This is the same add-on like the one for Google Docs that I described above, but it has even more templates for Google Sheets than for Docs. Just search for the necessary category and get an adjusted table. For example, you will find 15 nice invoice templates:
Google Sheets templates for invoices

There is a proper collection of planners, calendars, schedules, budgets, and even exercise charts. You will definitely find the Google Spreadsheet templates you are looking for.

Template Vault

Template Vault organizes its templates for Google Spreadsheets in groups that you can easily navigate.
Google Sheets templates

There are many colorful templates for both, personal and business use. If we look at the invoice templates, there are eleven available now, so you'll get a good set of additional sheet templates. The interface is similar to Template Gallery: pick a file, create and open a copy. I was surprised to see the same drop-down list for choosing between sheets and docs templates because it doesn't always work. There is one doc template available, but I constantly got an error when I tried to use it. I assume we can wait for new ones to come.

I hope this will help you find the add-on with the Google Doc templates or spreadsheets that work for you. Please share the solutions that make creating new tables and documents easier for you.

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