Compare Sheets for Google Sheets – V1.1. What's new?

The updated version of the Compare Sheets collection for Google Sheets is out with 2 new add-ons on board. Meet your future spreadsheet sidekicks in this brief overview.

Tip. Install the latest version of Compare Sheets from the Google Sheets store to get to know the new tools better.

NEW: Compare multiple sheets for duplicates

This one is an enhanced version of our long-existing Compare Columns or Sheets. It used to compare just two columns or Google sheets. Now it will deal with several sheets at a time :) Compare data from multiple Google sheets using the add-on.

Add sheets from Drive

Even if your sheets are in different spreadsheets, you'll be able to add them all from your Drive to the add-on right on the first step: Add all files to the add-on.

Select main sheet

One of these sheets will still have to be the main one. Each of the other selected sheets will be checked against the main one.

Apply the action to certain sheets

Another nice thing this version offers: you can handle the found duplicates or uniques not just on the main sheet. That is, color them, delete them, etc.

Of course, you can still do that only on the main sheet: Color duplicates on the main sheet only.

But also on each compared sheet (BUT the main one): Process values on the compared sheets.

And even on all sheets altogether: Handle dupes on all sheets.

Having compared multiple sheets, you'll probably wonder where those duplicates are in other compared sheets. For that, the add-on will add cross-sheet links if you choose to: Add cross-sheet links.

These references will lead right to the related duplicates in the compared sheets as well as to the source sheets when you copy/move the records: Hyperlinks referring to the same rows in other compared sheets.

Check out this tutorial for all the details on all the available options.

NEW: Compare 2 columns within a sheet

Since Compare Two Sheets or Columns has been changed to support multiple sheets, we had to make this separate quickie: Compare Two Columns.

It's for when you must compare two columns on the same Google sheet. Many of you asked to keep this ability, so here it is :) Compare two columns in Google Sheets.

It's now a one-step add-on with just a few settings to tweak:

  1. the range containing your columns
  2. two actual compared columns
  3. whatever you want to find: dupes or uniques
  4. the action
All options in just one step.

Easy-peasy, right? This tutorial digs deeper into the options if you'd still like to explore them :)

I invite you to try both these tools and share your thoughts on the Compare Sheets collection on its marketplace page.

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