Sharing an Outlook Calendar

My life seems to only be organized when it comes to my Outlook Calendar, and thank goodness for this small piece of Outlook that helps me keep my life in balance. My entire office has access to each other's calendars making meeting scheduling a breeze, when the external Board I serve on needs to know when a good time is, I simply email them my next month and let them pencil themselves in, and my favorite... I have shared sections of my calendar with my Mother so she knows when she shouldn't call at work! If you aren't sharing your Outlook calendar you should, it's easy, and at the very least your Mother will appreciate it if she is anything like mine.

Share your Calendar

This main calendar share is available for Exchange Server's users and sharing is possible only inside the company.

  • You will need to start in the Calendar portion of your Microsoft Outlook. On the left side of your screen you will see a Navigate Pane that lists the options you can do with your Calendar (Open a Shared Calendar, Share My Calendar, Send a Calendar Via Email, Publish My Calendar)
    Calendar in Outlook Navigation pane
  • Click on "Share My Calendar" and it will automatically prompt an email to be sent to the person you are interested in sharing with. I recommend that you also request that person to share their Calendar with you; you simply have to check the box if this is something you are interested in.
    Share My Outlook Calendar
  • Once your calendar has been shared or you now have access to someone else's Calendar it is added to the Navigation Pane on the left of you screen. Moving forward you can view the calendar simply by finding it in the Navigation Pane.

Edit Sharing Permissions

  • Once you have given someone in your company access to your calendar you need to make sure you set your sharing permissions so they see only the information that you wish for them to see.
  • Right click on the calendar of your choice.
  • Scroll down until you see "Change Sharing Permissions" and click on this.
  • From here you will need to click the "Add" button to choose the people whose permissions you wish to edit if you do not see them in the main list.
  • Once in the main list and the name is highlighted you can choose to allow that person to only see you busy time, your free time, full details, etc.
    Outlook Calendar - Change Sharing Permissions

Email your Calendar

This option allows for users to email their calendar to anyone, even those outside of your organization.

  • You will need to start in the Calendar portion of your Microsoft Outlook. On the left side of your screen you will see the Navigate Pane; select Send a Calendar Via Email
  • The pop up screen that appears in front of your email will let you choose how much of your calendar you wish to share with the recipient.
    Send Outlook calendar via email
  • Your Calendar will appear in the body of an email as a snapshot of the day, week, month or whatever parameter you set to be viewed. This also gets sent as an .icf attachment, a format recognized by Outlook and many other calendar related software.
    Outlook Calendar in the e-mail message
  • This function is great because it is easy and is more private than sharing your entire Calendar with someone. The one downfall is that if you make changes to your Calendar after you have already emailed it out, those changes do not appear on the recipients screen.

Publish your Calendar to Office Online

When you successfully publish a calendar online you can invite people to view or subscribe to your site.

  • You will need to start in the Calendar portion of your Microsoft Outlook. On the left side of your screen you will see the Navigate Pane; select Publish my Calendar.
  • If this is your first time publishing a calendar to Office Online you must register first. To register you will need to use your Windows Live ID. This is a free account and instructions are give to create a new one.
  • Once registered you can now choose the Time Span for which you wish for your calendar to be published online.
  • Next you will want to choose the Details- click the arrow next to Detail and choose the amount to share (full details, limited, availability only, etc.)
  • Next you will want to set the Permissions of your calendar- this will let you regulate who will be able to view your online calendar. Restricted Access gives users the ability to see your calendar, only if you invite them. Unrestricted Access allows anyone to view your calendar (no login or subscription is required to see it).
  • Your last step will be to choose the upload method- Automatic or Single Uploads (I always recommend automatic) then click OK.
    Publish your Outlook Calendar to Office Online

Keeping your company and daily work organized is simple if you just do the upfront work with sharing Calendars in Microsoft Office. After a few clicks you will know who is where when, if a meeting is going on, or if your Mother is probably going to call.

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