Multiple Vlookup Matches for Google Sheets

Leverage your VLOOKUP experience with the QUERY function

Multiple Vlookup Matches scans your entire table and fetches those records that match the conditions you set. Unlike the regular Google Sheets VLOOKUP function, the utility brings back each and every matching record and puts them into a new table. All you need to do is select the range and tweak the requirements. The tool will build a QUERY formula for you and paste it into the desired place.

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Multiple Vlookup Matches for Google Sheets

With Multiple Vlookup Matches you will

  • Find all or only some of the matching values Have the tool look up all matches or specify the number of the first matching rows you'd like to get.
  • Set as many conditions as you need Vlookup multiple columns based on multiple criteria at once.
  • Preview the result Take a look at the resulting table and adjust criteria before inserting the outcome to your spreadsheet.
  • Select the columns to pull the matches from Retrieve the necessary info from all columns or pick any particular ones to process.
  • Use 13 comparison operators To fine-tune each condition in the most precise way.
  • Paste the result as values or as a formula Make the add-on build a Google Sheets QUERY formula or get only records copied from your source table.

How to look up multiple columns for multiple criteria in Google Sheets

Select the range with your source table
Select the range with your source table
Choose the number of rows and columns to return
Choose the number of rows and columns to return
Set the criterion to perform a lookup
Set the criterion to perform a lookup
Add as many criteria as you need
Add as many criteria as you need
Select a cell for your future table and preview the result and the formula
Select a cell for your future table and preview the result and the formula
Insert the resulting table as a Google Sheets QUERY formula…
Insert the resulting table as a Google Sheets QUERY formula…
...or as values copied from your source table
...or as values copied from your source table

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Frequently asked questions

What is Multiple Vlookup Matches and what do I need it for?

This add-on for spreadsheets comes in handy when you want to check multiple columns for different matches according to several conditions at once. It brings back all matches in one go and equips you with a Google Sheets QUERY formula that you can adjust to your liking.

Doesn't it work the same as the standard Google Sheets filter?

In contrast to Google Sheets filter, this add-on lets you set up all conditions within one plain window and preview the result while making quick adjustments at the same time.

Also, Multiple Vlookup Matches won't mess with your source data. It will create another table wherever you choose.

What about the Google Sheets VLOOKUP function?

As cheesy as it may sound, our add-on takes your experience with formulas to the next level. We use an advanced version of VLOOKUP — QUERY function. So no nested/array formulas or helper columns are needed anymore.

While standard Google Sheets VLOOKUP cannot look at its left, QUERY looks over the entire range at once: up, down, to the left, and to the right of the column(s) with your condition(s).

Unlike both VLOOKUP and INDEX+MATCH that fetch only single record at a time, our Multiple Vlookup Matches returns a range of all relevant values together. You can even decide to simply pull records from the source table or insert everything as a ready-made QUERY formula.

How to look up several matches in Google Sheets based on multiple conditions?

Run Multiple Vlookup Matches from the Add-ons tab and do the following:

  1. Select the table you want to process.
  2. Decide upon the records you'd like to return.
  3. Set the conditions.
  4. Choose a place for the result.
  5. Click Insert formula or Paste result.

See a more detailed description here.

Should I learn the QUERY function?

Not at all :)

Just set the necessary conditions using 14 built-in comparison operators and let Multiple Vlookup Matches do the rest.

Should I know any functions before using your tool?

Absolutely not. Your skills and experience with formulas don't matter.

The options are designed in the most simple way: you tweak the conditions using common comparison operators such as equal to, is between, contains, etc., and Multiple Vlookup Matches does the rest.

What criteria can I create exactly?

There are 13 different comparison operators to help you out.

Some will check if the value is equal to, less than, more than, or not equal to some numbers.

Others will get the info belonging to some period of time or number sets (is between).

You can also check all records for any part of specific chars, words, or numbers (contains/doesn't contain). Or go see if matches are blank or not or have errors in cells or not.

How many conditions can I create?

As many as you need. And even for different data types — all for one lookup.

How many matches can your add-on return?

All of them, really. Or the number of some first occurrences you specify.

Is your add-on case-sensitive?

No, Multiple Vlookup Matches searches for all occurrences, no matter their text case.

Can I somehow check what your tool builds before using it in Sheets?

Of course. Multiple Vlookup Matches contains Preview area that shows not only the formula beforehand but also the result.

Will the result update automatically if my source data changes?

It will, but only if you paste the result as a formula.

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