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Let us introduce the add-ins that give you some of the most wanted features in Excel online.

De-dupe your table online

Select the table and key columns to find duplicates

Duplicate Remover for Excel online

This helpful tool will quickly identify repeating records, whether it’s a cell or an entire row. Removing duplicates is not the only thing it can do. You can choose to include the original values or find only uniques, and then highlight, copy, move, or delete the found items.

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Get values in separate columns

Select the delimiters used in your cells

Split Text to Columns for Excel online

We don’t always get our data the way we need it. If you happen to have a column with full addresses while you need to get street names, cities, and zip files under separate headers, this simple add-in will help you automate splitting text across multiple columns in Excel on the web.

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Find values or formulas in several sheets

Define additional search options

Advanced Find and Replace for Excel online

Not only does this add-in let you find and replace table data right in your browser, but it offers search in any sheets, formulas, and more. Specify additional options, get a list of found items in each sheet, and you are a click away from replacing all or just some of them.

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