How to deploy Shared Email Templates

In Outlook on the web for Exchange Server

If you use Outlook on the web for Exchange Server in your organization, follow the steps below to deploy Shared Email Templates for your Microsoft Outlook users.

  1. In Exchange Admin Center, enter you credentials and click sign in:
    Enter credentials.
  2. Go to organization → add-ins and click the Plus icon:
    Go to Add-ins.
  3. In the drop-down, pick Add from the Office Store:
    Select Add from Office Store.
  4. You'll be brought to the Microsoft AppSource. Into the Search field, enter 'Shared Email Templates' and click on the suggested app:
    Enter Shared Email Templates.
  5. On the Shared Email Templates page, click the Get it now button:
    Shared Email Templates in Store.
  6. To proceed, you'll need to sign in to your Microsoft AppSource account:
    Sign in to App Source.
  7. Click Continue:
    Click Continue.
  8. Here, click Yes:
    Click Yes.
  9. And Yes again:
    Click Yes.
  10. Finally, the app is added:
    The add-in as added.
  11. Go back to the Exchange admin center and click the Refresh icon:
    Click Refresh.
  12. You will see Shared Email Templates in the list. Stand on the app and click the Edit icon.
  13. In the Edit Add-ins settings window, make sure to tick the Make this add-in available to users in your organization box. Besides, pick the user defaults and click Save:
    Tick Mandatory.
  14. Now, the user defaults in the list have changed to Mandatory.
  15. To make sure the app is deployed, go to Outlook mailbox and start creating a new message. Click the Shared Email Templates icon below the message body field:
    Create New Email.
  16. You may get a warning as in the screenshot below. In this case, first click OK and then RETRY:
    Click OK.
  17. Now the add-in is ready for work. You can sign in or create an account and start using the tool:
    Shared Email Templates pane.

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