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How to use Conversation Attachments


Conversation Attachments for Outlook is a part of our Outlook Add-ins Collection. The add-in helps you see all kinds of attachments in a conversation on one pane.

See all attachments of a conversation

  1. After installation, you will see the add-in icon under the AbleBits tab, simply click on it to run it:
    The Conversation Attachments for Outlook icon.
  2. To view all relevant items, click on any email of the thread and get a gallery of all attached files at a glance:
    See all attachments at a glance.
  3. To open the file, double-click it or right-click to open the email that contains the item, attach to a new email, save, or copy:
    Right-click the item and pick an option.

    Tip. You can multi-select and work with several attachments at a time.

Search and sort conversation attachments

  • Click the Sort icon to sort attachments by sender:
    Sort the attachments.
  • To search for an attachment, click the small Magnifying glass icon and enter the name of the needed file:
    Find the attachment easily.


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