Avoid multiple prompts when filling in identical fields

With Shared Email Templates for Microsoft Outlook

If you want to insert the same text into several places in your email message without copying and pasting, you can add several identical input fields to your email template. And what's more, you can fill them all in one go without having to deal with multiple prompt windows.

For example, you'd like to have a specific phrase, say, "Price list 2024", in both the message body and the subject line. Besides, you want to enter that phrase only once. To get the job done, you'll need two macros—WhatToEnter and Fill—working together in your template. Just follow the simple steps described below, and you can be sure you'll get the desired result ;)

How to insert same text into subject and body of Outlook emails at once

How to insert same text into subject and body of Outlook emails at once

Discover a quick way to insert the same text into multiple places within your Outlook email, all in one go.

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How to get all identical input fields filled in one go

  1. Start creating (or editing) your template. Choose a place for an input field (the one you need for the message body) and insert the WhatToEnter macro selecting Text field.
    Create a fillable field with the WhatToEnter macro.
  2. Put the cursor below the text of your template, click the Insert macro button again, select Fill Subject, and click the icon shown in the screenshot below.
    Select a fillable field in the Fill macro dialog.
  3. You'll see a dropdown menu where all the fillable fields you have in your template are listed. Select the input field you created with the WhatToEnter macro for the message body in Step 1, and then click OK.
    Make two macros work together.

When you insert such a template into an email message, a dialog prompting you to enter a text phrase will show up. You can either keep the default phrase (the one you specified in Step 1 as a default value) or enter another one.
Text to be inserted by default

As soon as you click OK, the text phrase entered via the dialog will appear in both the subject line and the message body replacing the two identical input fields.
The same text in both the subject line and the message body

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