Same value in different places in an email message

With Shared Email Templates for Outlook

If you want to insert the same text into several different places in your email message, you can use the ~%WhatToEnter macro several times in your template, and as a result, enter the necessary value only once.

For example, you'd like to have a certain phrase, say, "Price list 2022", in the message body and in the Subject field. Start creating (or editing) your template and, when inserting the ~%WhatToEnter macro into the necessary place in it, select Text field and fill in the Window title and Default value fields like in the screenshot below:
Enter Window title and Default value.
Click Insert.

Then right-click the ~%WhatToEnter macro placeholder that has just appeared in your template and select the Copy Macro Text to Clipboard option:
The Copy Macro Text to Clipboard option

Put the cursor below the text of your template, click the Insert macro icon, choose Fill Subject from the Select macro menu, and insert the ~%WhatToEnter macro text that you copied into the Fill Subject line field:
Enter the copied macro text.

As a result, when pasting the template into an email message, you'll enter the necessary text only once ...
Enter the text.
... and it will appear in all the required places:
The same text inserted twice

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