Add-ons for Google Sheets & Docs

Corporate deployment

Whether your organization uses Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for business or not, here you'll learn how to quickly install add-ons for Google Sheets & Docs for all your employees.

Google Workspace for business

Step 1: Whitelist add-ons for domain

Check if all users in your domain can install apps from Google Workspace Marketplace:
Allow users to install add-ons from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Tip. To allow using all or specific Ablebits tools, please check out these instructions.

Step 2: Install for all users in your domain

  1. From your Google Admin console, go to Apps > Marketplace apps and click the plus sign on the right to Add Marketplace apps:
    Access Google Workspace Marketplace from Google Admin Console.
  2. Find the add-on of interest and press the Domain install button:
    Power Tools in Google Workspace Marketplace from the Google Admin console.
    You'll see a message for the domain wide install:
    Confirm installation for all users.
  3. Review permissions necessary for the tool to function and make sure you're about to turn it on for the correct organization domain:
    Allow permissions and turn the add-on on for entire domain.

    Tip. Check how our add-ons process your information in this article related to data safety.
  4. Once the utility is installed, you will see the window with tips on how end users can run it:
    End users will find new tools under the Add-ons menu.

    Tip. You can manage access to Google Workspace apps anytime from your Admin console:
    Check the status of the app and change it when necessary.

Step 3: Provide users with an activation key

Provide the users with a key so they could activate the tool.

Single account installation

Make sure end users install the utility to their Google Sheets or Google Docs. For that, send them the link to the corresponding Google Workspace Marketplace page:

They will only need to press the Install button there, and the add-on will appear in their Google Sheets or Docs:
Add the tool to Google Sheets.

Step 2: Provide an activation key

Provide the users with a key so they could activate the tool.

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