Release notes

Ultimate Suite for Excel 2024.1

IMPROVED: Compatibility with the latest Windows and Office releases

This release aims to improve compatibility with the latest Windows and Office updates. Many tools and core utilities have been retested and modified to offer enhanced performance, stability, and user experience. Our QA team focused extensively on testing all the supported Office and Windows versions, including both consumer- and subscription-based editions, with special attention to Windows 10 LTSC and Office 2021 LTSC.

IMPROVED: Load on demand

Since users with less powerful computers reported on longer Excel startup time when Ultimate Suite was installed, we've improved the on-demand loading mode. When the mode is enabled, Ultimate Suite won't load automatically during the Excel startup. It will load only when one of its tools is invoked. To enable the Load on demand mode, go to the Ablebits Data tab > Options and select Load on demand. Please note that this feature is not available in the trial version.

FIXED: Some major and minor issues

We've fixed bugs in the following tools: Compare Two Tables, Compare Two Workbooks, Merge Two Tables, Randomize, Regex Tools, Find Duplicate Cells, Transpose by Key Columns, Change Case, Merge Single Table with Several Lookup Tables, and Merge Several Tables with Single Lookup Table.

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