Release notes

Ultimate Suite for Excel 2021.5

We're happy to announce that the extended family of our tools for Excel has become bigger :) There are three more add-ins in Ultimate Suite now and we do hope you'll like the functionality they offer.

By the way, the detailed information on our previous releases is available here: Ultimate Suite for Excel release notes

NEW: Merge Single Table with Several Lookup Tables

Beta version. If you have ever been snowed under with lots of Excel worksheets struggling to update your main table with the data they have, you won't be very enthusiastic about doing that on your own once again. To avoid the hassle, use our new Merge Single Table with Several Lookup Tables tool. It will cope successfully with such a task:
Take a look at the tool in action.

For more information, please visit our help page: How to merge a table with multiple lookups

NEW: Merge Several Tables with Single Lookup Table

Beta version. Assigned to update dozens of tables but not feeling like rolling up your sleeves? Hand the task over to our new Merge Several Tables with Single Lookup Table tool and get the job done:
This is how the tool works.

Please find the add-in's help page here: How to merge multiple tables with a single lookup

NEW: Compare Two Workbooks

Will anyone question whether "a picture is worth a thousand words"? :) Choose any colors you like and let our new Compare Two Workbooks tool show you how sheets having the same name are different in two Excel files:
It may look like this.

Here is our help page for you: How to compare two workbooks


Over the coming year (in response to repeated requests) we'll be adding support of scenarios to our tools and experimenting with their UX. In our future releases, we'll be trying various approaches and solutions, so stay tuned... :)

We've already introduced beta support of scenarios for these two new tools of ours: Merge Single Table with Several Lookup Tables and Merge Several Tables with Single Lookup Table.

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