How to use Split Text to Columns for Excel online

The Split Text to Columns for Excel online utility will help you automate splitting text across multiple columns.

  1. Select the column with the records you would like to divide.

    Note. If you select more than one column, the add-in will process values in the leftmost selected column.
  2. Tick off the delimiters that are used for your values:

    • You can pick standard delimiters: space, semicolon, line break, or comma.
    • If the separator you use is not in the list, tick off the Custom checkbox to enter your own. You can type several characters; they are automatically taken in quotes and separated with a comma.
    Tip. You can split values by one or by different delimiters at once. E.g. if your values have the following format: "15 Maple street; NY, 25305", select Comma to get ZIP in a different column, or choose Semicolon and Comma to get both, state and ZIP details in separate columns.

    Use a combination of standard and custom delimiters to split such values as "ID 3564645, Name, Package: HGD63" by spaces, commas, and colons at the same time:
    Select the column to split and the delimiters used.

  3. Tick the Treat consecutive delimiters as one checkbox if your data contains a delimiter of more than one character between data fields or if your data contains multiple custom delimiters. The add-in will not create extra empty columns.
  4. Click Split to get the result.
    If there are enough blank cells to the right of the selected column, the add-in will fill them with the results. Otherwise, it will automatically add the necessary number of new columns to the right of your original data:
    Split cells to columns by any characters.