How to filter by cell value in Excel

The Filter utility is part of Ultimate Suite for Excel, a collection of 70+ handy tools for day-to-day work. The tool lets easily apply filter by one or several cell values and clear all filters in one click.

How to use Filter in Excel

  1. Open your workbook and select the cell that contains the value you want to filter your table by. If you need to filter by several cells, use Ctrl to select them:
    Select one or several cells to filter by.
  2. Find the Filter icon in the Search group on the Ablebits Tools tab. In the dropdown list, click Apply Filter by Selected Value:
    Apply filter in Excel.
    Your sheet will be filtered by the value(s) of the initially selected cell(s). The cells that do not contain these value(s) will be hidden:
    Filter by several cells in Excel.
  3. To make all the values in your worksheet visible again, select the Clear All Filters option in the Filter dropdown list:
    How to clear all filters.