Styles for Google Docs

Make your documents look consistent in a click

This add-on provides twelve additional style sets for your Google Docs. Pick any style set and apply the title, heading, and normal text style to any paragraph or to the entire document at once. This is the easiest way of changing the appearance and style of your text.

  • Apply one of 12 default style sets to your document
  • Change the formatting of any paragraph in a click

Learn how to work with the add-on.

Apply any style to your document

Style the entire document

Change the style of the entire document

We created this add-on to have a simple tool for making documents look uniform. The standard styles help with the basic document structure: create a title and headings of different levels. The Styles add-on supplements this structure with a choice of design.

Click on any provided style set to see the preview of all its elements right in the sidebar. Try it on your document by clicking Apply style. Undo if you decide to try something else, or apply a different set right over it.

Apply formatting to certain paragraphs

Apply formatting to any line of text

Each style set consists of all the necessary elements with a unique combination of font, size, and color. Just like with standard styles that you get in Google Docs, you can apply these elements to any paragraphs you select.

Simply place the cursor in any line or select several paragraphs you’d like to change and click on the desired heading or any other element in the sidebar.


Apply any style to your document

Change the style of the entire document

Apply formatting to any line of text

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