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Add-in Version Full size Date Download

Ultimate Suite for Excel

2018.2 14 MB 8-Dec-17

Ultimate Suite, Business Edition

2018.2 14 MB 8-Dec-17

How to install Ultimate Suite for multiple users at a time

You need the Business Edition of the Ultimate Suite, which allows system administrators to quickly and easily deploy the product to a group of users. Please see this guide for the detailed step-by-step instructions.

If you already have several individual licenses and want to move to the Business Edition, please contact us.

If you have trial versions or single add-ins installed

Ultimate Suite contains all Ablebits tools for Excel. If you already have trial versions or any single add-ins installed, please remove them via Control Panel before installing Ultimate Suite.

How to activate your license

  1. Please go to the Ablebits Data tab on the Excel's ribbon.
  2. On the left side of the tab, click the Buy now button and choose Enter License Key… from the drop-down menu.
  3. Follow the instructions of the activation wizard.
    We strongly recommend choosing "Automatic activation" on the first step. This method is fast and reliable, and it will not ask you for any information other than your license name and key.

For more details, please go to How to activate your license.

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Please use the Product Key Reminder.

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Name Version Full size Date Download

Ultimate Suite 2016 for Excel

2016.4 24.8 MB 6-Jun-17

Ultimate Suite 2015 for Excel

2015.1.0 33.13 MB 6-Mar-15

If you don't remember the exact date of your purchase

Just contact us and provide your current license key.

Version 2018.1


  • Date & Time Formula Wizard.
  • Vlookup Formula Wizard.
  • Insert Pictures.
  • Select by Color or Value.


  • Code significantly redesigned and simplified.
  • Performance far improved.
  • Auto-update notification added.
  • Accent marks in the installation path supported.
  • Interface improved.
  • Tools rearranged in the Ribbon.
  • Quick buttons added for:
    • Copy Sheets
    • Merge Cells
    • Duplicate Remover
    • Advanced Find & Replace
    • Sum and Count by Color

UPDATED: Merge Tables Wizard

  • IMPROVED: Performance.
  • IMPROVED: Work with protected sheets.
  • IMPROVED: Different format data display.
  • FIXED: "Out of present range" error.
  • FIXED: Error when the main table has the Totals row.
  • FIXED: Error when the lookup table is protected.
  • FIXED: Error when selecting multiple ranges.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

UPDATED: Combine Sheets

  • FIXED: Hang-up when processing CSV files.
  • FIXED: "Memory is corrupt" error.
  • FIXED: Errors when working with protected files and books marked as final.
  • FIXED: Adding excess blank rows when re-running the add-in.
  • FIXED: Message to save a workbook after the add-in finishes its work.
  • FIXED: Blank window with the results.


  • FIXED: Non-working "Skip empty cells" option.

UPDATED: Extract Text

  • FIXED: Error when counting words.
  • FIXED: Work with multi-selected ranges.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

UPDATED: Split Names

  • ADDED: New suffixes and prefixes.
  • IMPROVED: Range selection.
  • FIXED: Error when working with headers.

UPDATED: Workbook Manager

  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

UPDATED: Column Manager

  • FIXED: Incorrect work when moving several non-adjacent columns up or down.
  • FIXED: Incorrect work when deleting several non-adjacent columns from the add-in pane.
  • FIXED: Incorrect list positioning on the add-in pane.
  • FIXED: Error when selecting multiple columns.

UPDATED: Advanced Find & Replace

  • FIXED: The default value in the "Look in" field of Excel Find & Replace changed after using Ablebits Advanced Find & Replace.
  • FIXED: Oversized add-in pane in Office 2007 and earlier.

UPDATED: Fuzzy Duplicate Finder

  • FIXED: Error when opening Find Fuzzy Matches and Advanced Find and Replace.
  • FIXED: Incorrect work of the Export option.

UPDATED: Sum & Count by Color

  • FIXED: Error when pasting results in the sheet with the R1C1 styleenabled.

UPDATED: Select by Value / Color

  • IMPROVED: Usage of fractional numbers in the Value field.
  • FIXED: The add-in didn’t work when a merged cell was used as a sample.
  • FIXED: Incorrect work when selecting the "In the range" and "Out of the range" conditions and leaving the From and To fields empty.

UPDATED: Split Table

  • IMPROVED: Significant UX improvements.
  • IMPROVED: Performance.
  • FIXED: Saving the result in a folder.
  • FIXED: Error when creating New workbook.
  • FIXED: Error when refusing to rewrite a file.
  • FIXED: Different scenarios of naming the resulting sheets.
  • FIXED: Incorrect work of auto-selection when the table has the header.

UPDATED: Transpose

  • FIXED: Error when pressing the Transpose button.

UPDATED: Create Cards

  • FIXED: Issue with range-selection.
  • FIXED: Issue with headers.


  • FIXED: Error when working with protected sheets.


  • FIXED: Error when working with protected sheets.

UPDATED: Delete Blanks

  • FIXED: Empty rows weren’t deleted if the file was opened through a link.
  • FIXED: Deleting an empty sheet with an object.

UPDATED: Find Broken Links

  • IMPROVED: Work with files different from .xls, .xlsx.
  • IMPROVED: Stability.

UPDATED: Calculate

  • FIXED: Error when performing calculation in cell A1.
  • FIXED: Minor calculation bugs.

UPDATED: Fill Blank Cells

  • FIXED: The add-in didn’t identify headers in the range formattedas Table.
  • FIXED: The Split the merged cells option didn’t work if entering the address from the keyboard.
  • FIXED: The add-in dialog didn’t appear.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

UPDATED: Convert Formulas

  • FIXED: The conversion of formula references and formulas to values didn’t work if the Sync Selection enabled.
  • FIXED: Non-working reference conversion.

UPDATED: Randomize

  • FIXED: Incorrectly displaying the selected range.
  • FIXED: The add-in didn’t automatically identify the selected range header.

UPDATED: Sync Selection

  • FIXED: Non-working selection of multiple ranges.

UPDATED: Watermark

  • FIXED: Error when entering the New watermark text if it duplicatesthe New watermark name.

Version 2016.4


  • Merge Tables Wizard


  • Error with updating Pivot Tables
  • If a cell was in editing mode, the add-in processed empty ranges
  • Issue with coloring only lookup table columns
  • The option Add non-matching rows to the end of the main table didn't work

Version 2016.3


  • Consolidate Worksheets Wizard


  • DPI-awareness

Version 2016.2


  • Watermark for Excel tool
  • Extract Text tool
  • Table of Contents tool
  • AutoUpdate functionality
  • Support for 4K monitors


  • Major and minor reported bugs and errors
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