Ultimate Suite for Microsoft Excel

Download area for registered users

If you purchased the product before August 29, 2017

Please note that the latest version of Ultimate Suite available for download on this page cannot be activated with the keys obtained before August 29, 2017. Please see the Get the upgrade section for how you can get the new key.

Ultimate Suite for Excel
Ultimate Suite, Business Edition

How to install Ultimate Suite for multiple users at a time

You need the Business Edition of the Ultimate Suite, which allows system administrators to quickly and easily deploy the product to a group of users. Please see this guide for the detailed step-by-step instructions.

If you already have several individual licenses and want to move to the Business Edition, please contact us.

If you have trial versions or single add-ins installed

Ultimate Suite contains all Ablebits tools for Excel. If you already have trial versions or any single add-ins installed, please remove them via Control Panel before installing Ultimate Suite.

How to activate your license

  1. Please go to the Ablebits Data tab on the Excel's ribbon.
  2. On the left side of the tab, click the Buy now button and choose Enter License Key… from the drop-down menu.
  3. Follow the instructions of the activation wizard.
    We strongly recommend choosing "Automatic activation" on the first step. This method is fast and reliable, and it will not ask you for any information other than your license name and key.

For more details, please go to How to activate your license.

If you have lost your license key

Please use the Product Key Reminder.

Get the upgrade

If you purchased the product after August 1, 2016

Your new new license key was already emailed to you. So, just download the new version from this page and register it using your new key. If you did not receive the key, please contact us. contact us.

If you purchased the product before August 1, 2016

As our registered customer you can upgrade to the latest version for 50% off the new license price.

You can get the upgrade right now.

Or you can download the version compatible with your license key:.

Ultimate Suite 2016 for Excel
Ultimate Suite 2015 for Excel

If you don't remember the exact date of your purchase

Just contact us and provide your current license key.

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