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How to activate your license key

To continue using the Link Checker add-in after your trial period expires, you need to purchase a license. All the license details necessary for successful activation are emailed to you right after the purchase. Here you will find the steps to follow.

If you have not installed the add-in yet, our Installation guide will help you do that correctly.

  1. Open a Word document.
  2. Run the add-in by clicking its icon under the AbleBits tab:
    Click the Link Checker icon.
  3. The number of the trial days you have is shown on the key icon at the bottom of the add-in pane:
    Click the Link Checker key icon.
    Click it to proceed.
  4. The Link Checker About window appears. If you have already made a purchase and received our registration email, click the Enter Key button:
    Here is the Enter Key button.
    Otherwise opt for Buy Now.

Activate your Link Checker license by following the Activation Wizard instructions.

  1. In Step 1 read the information given in the welcome note carefully and click Next to proceed:
    Step 1 of the Link Checker activation process
  2. In Step 2 decide which activation type you prefer, automatic or manual.
    Note. We recommend opting for the automatic activation.

    Opting for the automatic activation

  1. In Step 3 fill in the corresponding fields with the license details provided in the registration email and click Next:
    The Link Checker automatic activation
  2. A thank-you note appears to confirm that the license has been activated. Click Finish:
    The Link Checker automatic activation process is complete.

The activation process is over.

Opting for the manual activation

Note. The manual activation is recommended if something is wrong with the automatic one.
  1. In Step 3 enter your license details and click Go:
    The Link Checker manual activation
  2. Copy the activation code from the page that you will be redirected to:
    The Link Checker manual activation: getting the activation code
  3. Complete the activation process by entering the received code and clicking Next:
    The Link Checker manual activation: pasting the activation code
  4. A successful activation is confirmed with a thank-you note. Click Finish:
    The Link Checker manual activation process is complete.

The activation process is over.

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