Transform a crosstab list to a flat table

The Unpivot Table add-in instantly transposes summary tables to database lists. If changing data layout is one of your routine tasks, use this utility to transform your table and reshape your lists.
Use the tool to create a flat list out of your pivot table.

How to unpivot table in Excel

Select any cell in your pivot table and click Unpivot Table in the Transform group on the Ablebits Tools tab:
Click the Unpivot Table icon on the Ablebits Tools tab in Excel.

A small dialogue window lets you change a couple of settings:
Select the range and choose a place for the result.

  1. The Expand selection icon highlights your entire table automatically.
  2. The Select range icon lets you manually specify the area to be reshaped:
    Select the range of your pivot table.
  3. Tick the Separate data by a blank row option if you want to quickly identify each part of the unpivoted result.
  4. Pick the destination for the resulting flat table:
    • The New worksheet option will place the table in the current Excel file.
    • The New workbook option will create a new file.

Click the Unpivot button to get the result in a place of your choice.