Delete registry data

  1. Download our Diagnostic Tool by clicking on this direct link:
  2. Unpack the downloaded .zip file, run abdiagtool.exe as administrator, and click the Find and Delete Ablebits Products button:
    Run Ablebits diagnostic tool as administrator.
  3. Run abdiagtool.exe with standard privileges and click the Find and Delete Ablebits Products button again:
    Ablebits diagnostic tool.

    Important! Run the abdiagtool.exe file twice: as administrator and then with standard privileges. As a result, after each launch you'll see one of these messages:
    Successfully deleted.
    Ablebits diagnostic tool.
  4. Download your edition of Ultimate Suite for Excel from the Latest versions page.
  5. Install Ultimate Suite for Excel again.
  6. Remove the Ablebits Diagnostic Tool from your machine.

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