Ultimate Suite for Excel 2021.4

Release notes

In the Ultimate Suite for Excel 2021.4 release, at your service are brand-new Regex Tools and Transpose By Key Columns, plus some improvements to the Merge Cells, Split Table, and Insert Pictures tools.

You can find the full list of our releases here: Ultimate Suite for Excel release notes

NEW: Regex Tools

In the Text group, you will find the new Regex Tools button. The powerful add-in lets you use regular expressions in Excel to identify cells that match a certain condition or to extract, remove, or replace strings that match a regular expression:

Regex Tools pane.

See also: How to use Regex Tools

NEW: Transpose by Key Columns

This tool transposes data in the selected range by the chosen key columns and simultaneously combines rows if needed. Transpose by Key Columns searches for duplicates in the key column. If repeated values are found, the tool transposes and/or merges data according to the options you choose.

Transpose table by key columns.

See also: How to Transpose by Key Columns

IMPROVED: Merge cells with aggregate Excel functions

The Merge Cells tool now lets you not only separate values by the chosen delimiter but also combine them with the aggregate Excel functions: AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNT(A), MAX, MIN, and SUM. Here is more information.

IMPROVED: Split Table by N rows

Now, with the Split Table tool, you can decide how to split the table: by the key columns or by every number of rows of your choice. You can make your choice right on Step 1 of Split Table Wizard.

IMPROVED: Insert Pictures with names and links

Insert Pictures now can paste not only images to your Excel tables but also add the names of them with links to the file location. Simply check the corresponding option while running the tool: Run Insert Pictures

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