AblebitsSpellNumber function

The AblebitsSpellNumber function converts numbers to words. Can add currency labels and zero cents depending on the arguments.

For example:

  • =AblebitsSpellNumber(E3,"USD",3,1,TRUE) Spells the number in the E3 cell adding the USD currency label in the title case and zero cents in the "and 10 cents" format.
  • =AblebitsSpellNumber(A1,"forint,forints;fillér,fillérs",3,1,FALSE) Spells the number in the A1 cell adding the forint currency label in the title case.
  • =AblebitsSpellNumber(A1,"None") Spells the number in the A1 cell without any currency labels.
Note. Formulas created with this function will work only on machines with installed Ultimate Suite for Excel. If the workbook is opened on another computer where Ultimate Suite is not installed, the result will be lost.
Tip. You can find the complete list of custom functions on the Ablebits functions for Excel page.



The AblebitsSpellNumber function syntax has the following arguments:

  • number
    Required. The cell reference that contains the number you want to get spelled, e.g. B2.
  • currency
    Required. The currency label to add to the numbers. Use "None" to get the numbers texted without any labels. There are two ways to enter the label. If you want to get USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, or AUD, simply add the abbreviation as an argument and the formula will add the necessary words for whole units and tenths:


    However, if you need any other currency, enter it as the argument in the following order:

    AblebitsSpellNumber(A1,"currency name in singular form,currency name in plural form;coin name in singular form,coin name in plural form",3,1,FALSE)

    For example, if you need Hungarian forint, the formula may look like this:


  • letter_case
    Optional. The number representing the text case in which the amount should be spelled. You can use the following numbers for the following text cases:
    0 – lower case
    1 – Sentence case
    2 – UPPER CASE
    3 – Title Case

    If you do not add this argument, the number will be spelled in the title case.

  • decimal_format
    Optional. Lets you select the format for the decimal parts to be represented:
    0 – "None"
    1 – "and 10 cents"
    2 – "point 10 cents"
    3 – "= 10 cents"
    4 – "and ten cents"
    5 – "point ten cents"

  • incdule_zero_cents
    Optional. Type TRUE to include zero cents and FALSE to ignore them.


  • The AblebitsSpellNumber function is used by the Spell Number add-in when you check the Insert result as formula box before pasting the result.

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